Revolutionizing Education - Empowering The Female Gender

Revolutionizing Education – Empowering The Female Gender

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In order to maintain equilibrium and stability in the society, it is necessary to address and concentrate on petty issues troubling the individuals. A proper balance cannot be established and attained if only one side of an aspect is taken care of and the rest are ignored. The educational dynamics have changed; as more and more women of all ages are participating in attaining and acquiring education, at all levels. Previously and as seen in the earlier decade, our women were oppressed and not allowed to indulge in outside activities, as the males were only considered as the privileged class. Things have changed and so is the living scenario, we have exposed our women towards education and reformation in the society. They are taking part in the development and progression of the society as our men are and the discrimination which was observed is gradually coming to an end.

All thanks to the positive forces of globalization, which resulted in social, political and economic re-shaping of the world and created a modern place to live in. With the above mentioned factors, we have the ability to make our women smarter as they have been allotted with the same level of values and worth, altogether. But, another matter to be highlighted is that, despite clearing the elementary, middle and high schools, our women are not granted the right to pursue education which is professional in nature. Right after the high schools, both the genders tend to prefer working part time rather than continuing studies which can grant them a respectable place in career development. And if they do so, the number of female students is always less than the males. So let us discuss and analyze what aspects we need to take care of in order to address the needs of both the genders and how can we possibly make education a comfortable process for our women.


As parents and responsible guardians, make sure you are acting as the motivational force being your daughter’s educational scenario. Tell them that education is more important and essential as working outside, part time. As it can give them a bright and a successful future as they will be given preference in job opportunities and scenarios.

Start with the Boys

Our daughters do not feel comfortable while pursuing education because of the fact that the boys of the society do not accept and welcome their presence. Some of them see women as objects of lust or home maker who cannot step outside their home in any cases. So in order to bring about reformation in the society, make sure you teach the worth and value of young females around them. Change their character and make sure to teach them the basic and fundamental values.

Keep in View their Skills

Women contribute to the same level of skills and abilities and in some cases, they are seen more superior and provide quality work as compared to the men. Make sure they are exposed to the correct values, homework, projects and college courses as our men are. They can reform and transform our society if given a proper chance and add with their own understandings in a proper way.

Balance is Necessary

Lastly, choosing one gender over the other does not solve problems. We need to make this world and our society a place in which our daughters, sisters and mother are comfortable. We need to give them influence and leverage over the others, which can only be done when they are allowed to do some work outside the homes.

Balance in any society is compulsory; girls should be given the same leverage and influence not only in education, but also in other tasks that involve career and professional development. With the passage of time, gender discrimination has been diminished and reduced to a greater extent, so make sure girls are preferred in the scenario of education with complete confidence.

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