Learn Traditional Chinese In Shanghai At Mandarin NOW

Learn Traditional Chinese In Shanghai At Mandarin NOW

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Chinese language is being used by 20% of the population of the world. Chinese language has many dialects, and the most common among them is the Mandarin, which is used by 850 million people. Among the regional variants of the Chinese language there are major differences, which are comparable to many aspects of the differences within the Roman language family.

Many dialects of spoken Chinese are different to the extent that the speakers cannot understand each other. Chinese can be divided into six to twelve linguistic areas, depending on the criteria of division. After Mandarin dialect, follows Wu dialect with 90 million speakers and Cantonese with 80 million speakers. Most of these groups do not understand one another, although some like xiang and the Southwestern Mandarin dialects share certain common terms and some degree of intelligibility.

The standard form of spoken Chinese is standard Mandarin, based on the Beijing dialect. Standard Mandarin is the official language of China and Taiwan, and is also one of the four official languages of Singapore. Chinese i.e. Standard Mandarin is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Shanghai is one of the bigger and more active cities in China. It’s packed with Chinese language schools and some of them can help you master traditional language in a quick manner. You should take some time to learn a bit more about the available schools because they are not all the same. You want to work with teachers who are dedicated to their students and who speak traditional Chinese as their first language.

Opportunity to Work

If you decide to learn traditional Chinese language in Shanghai at Mandarin NOW, you will be able to master the Chinese tones and the most common phrases and vocabulary. You will also learn the history of calligraphy and the basics of Chinese writing. Shanghai language school will also help you master pinyin (Latin transliteration of the Chinese language), get acquainted with Chinese culture (lunar calendar, Chinese horoscope, philosophy of tea, calligraphy as an art, etc.) and learn everything else you need to increase your chances of getting a job. There are many work opportunities for all those who speak Chinese so this is definitely something you want to make use of.

Motivation to Learnhttp://www.antiquarisbcn.com/

The motives for learning the language may be different, but the most common ones are the desire to get to know and master the language, experience the culture of this distant land, and learn more about the history of calligraphy. One of the more interesting motives may be mastering the basics of Chinese characters and pinyin (Latin transliteration of the Chinese language).

Whatever your goals are, whatever requirements you have, you can get a lot of help in one of the schools in Shanghai. It’s very beneficial to learn from the teachers who speak Chinese as their first language. This is the best reason to learn traditional Chinese in Shanghai so make sure you choose a school that will provide you with everything you need to master this language right and in a quick manner.