Save Energy and Money At Home and Office

3 mins read

How can we live healthier and save money at the same time? Perform some actions to achieve this is certainly very positive. However, the trend is not only done, but be implying designed from the inside out as a processor, wherein the vision of social responsibility and sustainability is not only out of the door, but run by veins of all its members and the physical space where they work.

Here are some ideas to make green attitudes at home and at work. Let’s start now.

1. Place your water heater thermostat down a few degrees to reduce costs.

2. Changes the old light bulbs with energy-saving lamps.

3. Turns your appliances when not in use.

4. Wash your clothes in cold water. 85% of the energy used in a load of laundry is spent on heating water.

5. Hang your clothes on the line instead of using the dryer.

Save Energy and Money At Home and Office

6. Ensures that your bathrooms are shorter to save water. This will lower your water and gas payments.

7. Choose drought tolerant plants. Many plants require minimal watering.

8. Walk or use a bicycle to go to work. This reduces petrol and parking costs while promoting your health and reduce the risk of obesity.

9. Not eat meat one day a week. Meat costs are high while helping your food and the environment.

10. Purchase meat, eggs and organic and local farmers dairy products, and you keep the money in the local economy.

11. Forget bottled water. Use a filter to purify tap water or buy jugs. Bottled water is not only expensive but generates a lot of waste plastic from packaging. Prefer aluminium flasks to plastic so you can fill them when you go out.

12. Think before you buy. Many times you can find second-hand goods (furniture, appliances, electronics, and clothing). Compulsive shopping make more difficult to recycle waste generated.

13. Borrow instead of buying books and movies. Not only do you save money, but ink and paper spent on printing books.

14. Wear clothing that does not have to be washed in dry cleaning. Avoid the use of chemicals.

15. Invest in long-life products. Maybe pay more at the start but then you’ll see the savings by not having to replace them often, which means less waste.