Serena Williams Wins The Fifth US Open Title

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Good news for the fans of Serena Williams! She has won the US Open championship once again this year. By defeating Victoria Azarenka, she won the US Open championship for the fifth time. It is worth to mention that this victory allows her to win her 17th grand slam title.

Serena Williams Wins The Fifth US Open Title

In the final match of the US Open that continued for two hours and forty-five minutes, Serena beaten Azarenka by 7-5, 6-7(6), 6-1 at windy Flushing Meadows. Williams won the first set of the final match, which was very crucial one. The set was decided in favor of Serena by one break in the 11th game. It appears that Serena would win the second set also as she led by 4-1. However, with the progress of time, Azarenka appeared increasingly out of ideas after playing outstanding game throughout the tournament. It is notable that she made four games decided in her favor within a very short time. Azarenka compelled to Serena to accept the challenge as the match get leveled after the second set.

It is worth to mention that Serena takes the entire control of the match in favor of her at the third set of the match and led by 3-1 while Azarenka was dual faulted and lose the hold of the match.

Serena Williams did not lose a single set since the last six matches. Experts are of the opinion that Serena was bothered prior to the match because of the windy conditions and especially for her service game that she herself believed was pretty unreliable. In spite of these facts, both the contestant of the US Open final presented an inspiring tennis, which is appreciated by the tennis lover of all over the world.

After the final shots of the game, Serena jumped in the air feverishly while Azarenka is found to fall into her chairs in tears. Serena however appreciated the fighting spirit of Victoria Azarenka. Serena is of the opinion that this spirit allows Azarenka to win several grand slams title. Serena stated that Victoria is really a great fighter as well as one of the most powerful opponents and that is why it is a great charm to enjoy the match until the end.

Azarenka responds that it was a great loss for her and she was pretty sad for that. However, she further added that it was really a great experience to reach the final and play the match against the best player of the world. Victoria is of the opinion that it is an incredible experience to fight against Serena who deserves to win the title.

Serena collected the prize money of $3.6 million that includes the bonus $1million for her outstanding performance from the North American summer hard court circuit to the US Open. Serena is also became the first woman to reach $50 million in career earnings. It is interesting to note that her sister Venus holds the second position with $22.8 million that is almost $22.1 million less than Serena.