Services Offered by Airport Parking

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When you are parking your car at an airport, you will probably leave it for a few days while you travel. You want the assurance that your car will be taken care of. Parking services can care for your car by doing the following things.

Services Offered by Airport Parking


Your number one concern is whether or not your car will be safe, not only from the weather but from thieves as well. Professional portside parking does a few things to ensure your car’s safety. First of all, your car is parked inside. You will not be simply under some shade or under a cloth roof. Storing your car inside will protect your car from the dangerous weather elements. You do not need to worry about a hail storm or snow while you are gone. It can be quite disappointing to return to a car that is so covered in snow that it takes half an hour to uncover the car and safely start the engine. Your car will not be damaged by weather in any of these ways.

Additionally, your car will be safe from thieves. The parking areas have electronic surveillance cameras and a camera monitor to ensure that no break-ins occur. While these precautions may not be foolproof, the additional alarms will also help deter thieves or anyone wishing to tamper with your car. Depending on the way the carpark operates, it may do one of two things. First, it may allow only chauffeurs from the company to park and deliver your cars. Secondly, you may be allowed to retrieve your car yourself after you have proven your identity. These companies work hard to protect your car by doing all of the above.

Cost Efficient

Parking your car does not need to be expensive. You can pay as low as £15 per day. Imagine paying this low price for all the safety features you will receive! Additionally, by pre-paying and booking ahead of time, you can save an additional 10%. Because you know ahead of time when you will need to use airport parking, this works perfectly if you can plan ahead. Additionally, you will receive a free bus ride from the parking lot to the airport and back. You do not need to worry about walking such a long distance. Your money will be well spent.


If you would like, you can sign up for one of the extra features. The most popular of these features is a car wash. When you get back from your vacation, your car will be clean and ready to drive. You can choose any number of services to fit into this category. Perhaps you would like your car detailed. This is also an available service. The availability of extras will depend on the company and airport service with which you choose to leave your car.

Carpark services can help keep your vehicle safe while being cost efficient. You can also have extras available to take care of your car.