She’s Just Not That Into You…Here’s Why

4 mins read

You’ve always wanted to land the dream girl. You shouldn’t have any problem, right? You’re a handsome guy with an average build. Why wouldn’t a good looking model type get into you? There are many reasons a girl may opt out. 
She’s just not into you. Here’s why.

You don’t have a great job. Girls really want a guy who can show them the money. It’s not just about having a ton of dough.It’s about being able to provide for yourself and her. Girls find financial success attractive. They love the security of a guy who can take care of them. It also boosts your confidence. You don’t have to be wealthy. You just need to show your dream girl you are willing to work.

You talk about yourself too much. It’s safe to admit that you are just way too into you. You like your hobbies. You love sports. You love pizza. You forgot about her interests. You don’t ask her questions about her. A lack of curiosity about your date could lead to issues. You may also interrupt when she’s talking about her passions. This is never a good thing. Ego is a sign of insecurity. You need to check your ego and really check out the girl you are talking to. 

You don’t dance with her. Girls love guys who will at least make the attempt. A guy who tries to dance is more apt to land a girl than the guy who truly can but won’t. You need to show your new lady that you’re willing to go the extra mile. You are okay with being out of your comfort zone. This can really make a girl feel special. You also get to enjoy yourself more than you ever thought possible.

Your hair’s a mess. Your balding/thinning hair isn’t really getting the right looks from girls. You could have the most beautiful eyes in the world. It won’t matter if your hair isn’t working for you. Hair building fibers or even a spot spray could be the best chance to regain your great looks. Girls just won’t get into guys who don’t take care of their hair. Girls are into style. Messy hair is a bad style. 

Your confidence is weak. Girls really love a guy who can exhibit confidence. You could be the best looking guy ever. That won’t matter if you stumble all over yourself in your approach. You might not be able to carry a decent conversation. You might not walk with great posture. All of these things are fixable.

Girls love guys who are confident, inquisitive and successful. It also helps not to have balding/thinning hair. There are things you can do to make sure the next girl is definitely into you. You just need to pay attention to the girl. You also need to pay attention to yourself before you go out. It could make the difference in landing your dream girl or not.