Signs That You Are Dealing With A Narcissist

Signs That You Are Dealing With A Narcissist

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Narcissist people are definitely the type of people you may find the hardest to deal with. They are self-centered, selfish and self-involved people, who never hear other people opinions. So, if you are doubting that you are dealing with a narcissist, keep on reading to see if you can reveal these signs in that person.

Narcissists think of themselves as the best!

So, how could you even have the smallest thought that they are something less than the best. They are always the most competent, they own everything and want to control everyone. And if you oppose to their opinion, then they can become upset and believe that have the right to hurt you.  

Narcissists need to be in the center of attention!

They are constantly seeking for attention and validation. Telling them that you love and admire them, or praising of how good they are, is something they need to hear all the time. But even when they hear it, they never feel it’s enough, because they are very insecure.

Control freaks!

A narcissist is the one who wants to control everything and they feel like no one can oppose to them. And in case someone doesn’t play by their rules, they can get really upset and unsettled.

Cannot work as part of a team!

If you are working with a narcissist, then you probably have found yourself in many situations of how to deal with someone you can’t stand. They are not able to deal with other people’s feelings and cannot place in other people’ shoes. So, the best advice can be to focus on how the work can be done effectively without you two depending on each other. Because, you will for sure not be able to find a common solution.

Cannot empathize with others!

Narcissists have lack of empathy. They are selfish and cannot understand what others are feeling. They expect everyone to to think and feel just like them and don’t accept anything beyond this. They may even argue with you until you approve that their argument is the best.

To sum up, a narcissist is definitely someone who cannot love and truly connect emotionally with others. They are in constant need of someone to sympathize with them and do everything just as they have imagined it is supposed to be.