Signs that Your Cat is Pregnant

Signs that Your Cat is Pregnant

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People with unspayed female feline could eventually find their cats are pregnant. We should assess and observe personality and physical changes of our cats. Another thing to identify is changes in heat cycle. Normal cats have heat cycles that occur every a couple of weeks and if they stop, then we could be dealing with a pregnant cat.

Pinking is another sign that our cat is pregnant. It happens when nipples of our cats have turn into rosy color and they become swollen. Pregnant cats are likely to vomit with abdominal enlargement and increased appetite. Pregnant cat may also have increased affection with their owner and they will look for proper nest to prepare for the arrival of their kitten. Its nesting area is usually in a peaceful and quiet habitat. If we have suspicion that the cat is pregnant, it is a good idea to visit the vet. Our vet will palpate the cat’s abdomen to find signs of pregnancy. Fetuses should be detectable during the 3rd week of pregnancy.

Vet will also use ultrasound equipment to see inside the abdomen of our cat. The tool should detect fetuses early enough about 2 weeks after the pregnancy begin. Heartbeats can be detected during 3rd week of pregnancy. It should be noted that pregnant cat have different nutritional requirements. It is a good idea to consult our vet to find out more about proper nutritional and vitamin supplementation. On average, cats have a gestation period of 9 weeks, so we could determine the likely period we will have new small feline friends. It is a crucial time to communicate with the cat about our feeling through proper care and extra attention. Cats should respond well to good treatment they receive during pregnancy.

Proper care will minimize stress on our cat. Good communication through positive gestures can make the cat more cooperative, since it knows that we are being supportive and committed. This should go a long way in ensuring healthy relationship with the new mom and its kitten.

After the kittens are born, it is important to become good pet owner and in essence, we also become cat parent. If this experience in unexpected and we don’t want to repeat this, it is a good idea to spay the cat immediately after the heat cycle returns to normal. We should be aware that for every new kitten that we help bring into this world, it is our responsibility to take really good care of them. We should be able to provide good home and nutrition. Each cat can have multiple kittens and we should consider what we will do with them. We need to consider the prospect of handling multiple cats in the house and whether we have the time and resources to take care of them. If we are unable to take care of them, it is a good idea to give them away to others who want them.