Simple Ideas for Writing Your First Song

3 mins read

Writing your first song can be difficult. You will want it to be the best piece of writing you have ever done, but that’s hardly the case. The aim is to keep the faith and continue writing as frequently as possible. People like Matthew Schultz did not succeed overnight. Schultz is a singer, songwriter, and a recording artist. He is a famous solo artist and producer, and his music has become quite popular on Spotify. Even though he worked in the mortgage industry for quite a while, until he eventually decided that he would follow his musical career. He saw considerable success in 2018 and has collaborated with many famous artists. If you want to follow your dream of becoming a singer and songwriter, here are some simple ideas to help you write your first song.

  1. From An Emotion

A simple way to find ideas for writing a song is to start from an emotion. For example, you want to express sadness, happiness, and joy, etc. It can be an emotion that you live in the present moment or an emotion that you want to transcribe.

I confess I’m not a fan of this method. Indeed, emotion is very vague, and there is so much way to express it that once arrived on your blank sheet, you will feel lost. It is easier to start from concrete elements that will focus your writing.

  1. From A Lived Situation

Another approach is to start from a lived situation. For example, you have experienced a funny situation, funny, or sad that you want to tell. There may be hundreds of examples that can give topic ideas for writing a song:

  • You missed the last night bus
  • You greeted someone by thinking they knew her, but he was a stranger
  • You’ve been dumped in an incongruous place

The advantage is that through these situations, you will automatically express emotions by having a writing axis.  Also, you do not have to write the whole thing from the get-go. You can start from a real situation and insert fictitious elements.

  1. Starting From A Fictional Situation

This approach is similar to the previous point, but instead of starting from a real situation, we will start from a fictional situation. But then, how? Well, you can either imagine if you have a strong imagination or you can borrow it by inspiring you with:

  • Movies
  • Theater plays
  • Novel
  • Mythology

But then is it plagiarism? Not really, but it can very well tell the story with another point of view and in a new form. You must see it more as an extension of the original work.