Simple Tips To Save Money

Simple Tips To Save Money

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Air conditioners are the single largest consumers of electricity in the house. If you have air conditioners in your house, it’s important that you maintain them properly. The air conditioner must have the proper certification of energy efficiency by an approved entity that recognizes the potential for energy savings in the product. It is advisable to buy the most efficient devices (A +++), which can lead to a saving of 40% in energy consumption compared to others of lower classification.

  • You must install the air conditioner so that the sun gives it as little as possible and in well-ventilated areas.
  • Make sure that all windows and doors are closed to create proper insulation.
  • It is also recommended to keep awnings and shutters closed at the hottest times of the day as they serve as sun protection by preventing the entry of solar radiation.
  • To set the temperature, the ideal is a stable temperature between 24 and 26 degrees, more than enough to feel comfortable and not waste energy.

Extra information: Each degree you lower the temperature is 8% more on the electricity bill.

The vast majority of equipment includes options that favor saving, such as the eco mode, which saves energy without the device ceasing to be efficient by adjusting the power according to the temperature automatically. Or sleep mode, which increases the temperature as the operating time elapses since when people rest, their body temperature drops.

To ensure that the equipment is as efficient as possible, annual maintenance is necessary, which consists of cleaning the filter of the indoor unit, cleaning the battery of the outdoor unit and checking the refrigerant gas charge.

What types of air conditioning are there?

Split air conditioning: It consists of an external unit that is placed outside (on the wall that faces the street, a balcony or the garden) and an internal unit that goes inside the house. It has an average consumption.

Compact, wall-mounted air conditioning: it has no external unit, and you only need to take a tube outside. Consumption: high.

Portable air conditioning: you can move from one room to another, but you still need to take a tube out of a window — consumption: high.

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