Smart Ways of Using the Corner Space in Your Kitchen

5 mins read

Always buzzing with love and laughter, the kitchen is truly said to be the heart and soul of the house. It is the most important and perhaps the most liveliest room in your home. People will be coming in and out of the kitchen all the time.

Since it is one of the commonly visited rooms in the house, there are times when the kitchen can start feeling a bit cramped. This is why it is necessary to design your kitchen in such a way that you are utilising all of the available space. However, designing a kitchen is the tricky as compared to other rooms in the house.

A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration such as the colour scheme, appliances, storage space and more.

You need to hire a kitchen designer that has sufficient knowledge and skills to design your dream kitchen with effective storage solutions. Find the best home kitchen designer in your area who can turn your dream kitchen design into a reality (be it a small or large kitchen space).

Utilising every single corner of the kitchen room can get a little bit difficult, even for the best home designers. Since we know the struggle of putting the kitchen corners to use, we have decided to help you out. This article explains few of our favourite kitchen corner hacks that will help you make the most of your kitchen room and your house.

Here are five smart ways of using the corner space in your kitchen room:

1: Showcase a statement piece

Who doesn’t love an eye catching statement piece?

And there is no better place to showcase your masterpiece than one of the dead corners of your kitchen room. Once you add depth and dimension to your kitchen corners, they become as lively as the rest of the room.

This eye catching statement piece can be absolutely anything. It can be a huge painting, a bookshelf holding some of your favourite novels and cooking books, a drinks trolley, a metal wine rack, an exotic plant or an antique vase/ ornament. These small signature things help enhance the personality of your house.

2: Install a corner cabinet

If you feel that you are running short of storage space, you might as well install a corner cabinet. Corner cabinets are a great way of filling in the empty space in your kitchen corners and also provide you with some extra room for storage. They are the ultimate storage solution and a perfect way of maximising your kitchen space.

3: Create a seating area

Kitchen rooms are cosy and more welcoming when there is some place to sit and relax in there. So how about creating a small seating area in one of your kitchen corners? It can be a great place to just relax whilst cooking or reading a book. Comfortable seating area is a perfect kitchen corner solution and they certainly can become your new favourite spot in the kitchen room.

4: Invest in wall shelving

One of the best ways to bring some height to your kitchen room is by installing some snappy shelves in the corners. Fixing some wall shelving can really get your kitchen corners to pop. Moreover, they not only provide some extra space for storing things, but they make your kitchen corners appear bright and lively. Wall shelving is a great decorative technique that helps you draw the eye upwards and out into the brightness of your kitchen room.

5: Create a work space

Since kitchen is the main room in the house, they are no more centred on just cooking and eating. They provide a space for you to socialise, relax and work in. So, if you are looking to transform your kitchen corners into a more useful space, you could consider transforming it into a small workspace?

It is simple!

All you have to do is install a computer and some stationery on the work desk. Add some plants to create the right ambience and brighten up the corner with lights. This way you can create a functional space in the kitchen room that is perfect for busy modern homes.