Solar Energy – How It Provide Tremendous Benefits To Human Beings

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Solar power is generated by harnessing the Sun’s energy. Solar energy is harnessed with the help of a photovoltaic cell. PV units were initially used to run small appliances like calculator but with passing time these units have found uses in houses, business sectors and in factories. They help to generate hundreds of megawatts of energy.

Solar Energy – How It Provide Tremendous Benefits To Human Beings

There are many companies which make it extremely easy to find solar San Diego. Solar panels help to generate solar power, and these companies are extremely cost effective and offer efficient services.

Different parts of a photovoltaic unit used at home

  • Solar panel absorbs the sun energy and converts it into electricity or heat. The PV module is linked to form an array of cells known as a photovoltaic system. The photovoltaic system helps to generate and provide electricity in residential and commercial applications.
  • Inverter helps to convert the direct current generated by the solar panel to one hundred and twenty volts of alternating current that is compatible with the power grids present in your homes or locality.

Why should solar energy be used?

Unlike coal, petroleum, diesel, or any oil products, the Sun is a reliable source of energy. All the fossil fuels are present in limited quantities, once exhausted they will take millions of years to get replenished. Other advantages of using solar energy are,

  • It is extremely cost effective
  • It is a clean source of energy and does not require any form of processing before it is put to use unlike oil products
  • The systems utilizing solar energy do not produce any form of carbon dioxide emissions, hence do not cause pollution
  • Solar energy also reduces utility costs
  • You can also install a battery backup system to your PV assembly, this will help you in situations when your local grid goes off. In such a situation the battery backup will provide you with electricity while charging off your PV cells.

How do the Solar panels work?

Silicon is the most important ingredient of a Solar panel. Silicon is an electromagnetic element and consists of four valence electrons. The four valence electrons are a reason because of which silicon can accept or lose electrons and behave like other elements. The Solar panel can thought to be a sandwich with upper panel made up of silicon added with phosphorus (negatively charged) and the lower panel that is made up silicon which is mixed with positively charged boron.

Scientists are putting in some effort to make the process of harnessing solar energy even cheaper. Nowadays, copper is being used in place of silver to cut down the costs. The usage of a nonmetric layer of silicon can make the solar panels a bit more efficient as it prevents the solar panel from reflecting back sunlight.

Every person living on this Earth should contribute a bit to make the environment a healthier place to live in. Using solar energy is indeed an effective way of going green and helping the environment.