Some Facts About The Earth

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It’s been so long about 300 billion years that our earth was born. Earth faced with a lot of trouble’s and also made good things too. But there are some things you must know before you are consumed by earth some day. There are so many unsaid things which are restricted to be known to the people. Believe it or not there are so many dangerous things we don’t know, this whole things are controlled and maintained by NASA.

Few Earth Facts

Our elders said that the earth is gaining weight is that true?

As we know that the earth is giving birth to many species around and some giant manufacturing are being made by humans, so this won’t make any difference in earth gaining weight.

┬áBecause for giant construction or manufacturing, everything soil and metal is from earth, for species to survive on our earth, it provides water and air, so it won’t make any difference. I hope you are getting my point.

Some Facts About The Earth

Every single drop of water in your body and the water you see around you is being recycled from billion’s of year on earth.

We heard a scientist saying that earth is gaining weight every year. It’s hard for normal humans discover that. But I say that the earth is losing weight millions of tons, but how?

There are thousand satellites weighing millions of tons which are made from our earth.

Our earth was once rock, our earth took millions of years to gain a conical shape and same way to form sand and water. When earth was a rock water, sun and air combinedly given birth to many different species to form on our earth.

As our scientist said our earth is going far away from the sun or getting close to the sun it doesn’t matter. If any one thing happens in this there may not be any life on our earth after only some billion years later.

Not only earth, the sun is also the same and much old comparing with other planets. It is said somewhere that the sun is burning planet with some chemical reaction, and it is also said that the reaction would complete some day, then about our earth.

Our history clearly said that Aliens ruled our earth many years ago. The legend indirectly says that they would return to our earth someday again. There are some unbelievable facts which are collapsed by our earth.

It’s been thousands of years that our human modern technology is born, But we are still digging for the wonders of our earth and it’s still showing up.