Top Paid Directors Of Hollywood In 2014

Top Paid Directors Of Hollywood In 2014

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As everyone expecting the first place go to Steven Spielberg or James Cameron in higher earning, but there is another one too who is legendary in box office Directors.

George Lucas ($4.9 Billion)

George Lucas knows as George Walton Lucas, he is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer, he brought the Lucasfilm and worked as a chief executive before Selling it to The Walt Disney company. He is best known film maker for star war series. And also archaeologist adventurer character Indiana Jones. He is one of the most financial and heavy budget successful filmmakers. And he is nominated for 4 Academy Awards.

Steven Spielberg ($3.4 Billion)

Steven Spielberg is an American Hollywood film maker, director, screenwriter, Producer and also a professional business magnate. He brought many science-fiction and Adventure movies in his career of 4 decades. He is well known director for the movies of Jaws, Jurassic Park, Indian Jones and many more wonders in the whole Hollywood Film Industry. He is executive producer of many top films like Transformers, Men in Black and Introduced DREAM WORKS, He is considered as one of the most influenced and heavy budget film maker ever in history of cinema. Steven Spielberg has won 3 Academy awards.

Top Paid Directors Of Hollywood In 2014

James Cameron ($700 million)

James Cameron is a Canadian film director, screenwriter, and producer. He created 2 Big Box Office film ever (Titanic, Avatar). He became a successful director with science-fiction like The Terminator and Aliens. He overall nominated for 6 Academy Awards and won 3 for titanic movie. James Cameron is well known director and film maker of Titans and Avatar. Titanic, Avatar is highest film made and Box office movies ever made in James Cameron Carrier

Michal Bay ($400 million)

Michal bay is an American Director and producer, he is well known for highest budget film maker with stylish visual effects. He directed top box office movies like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Transformer series. He is succeeded in intentional box office with transformer Film series.

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is a British and American Film Director and also well knows as screenwriter and producer, Nolan brought most successful movies in early 21centaury. Nolan is best known for Inception and The Dark Knight Series. Christopher movies run on the concept of philosophical and sociological. He is one of the great storyteller and the imager maker in the film industry in this day.

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