Stan Cottrell: Know The Truth About Him

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Stan Cottrell can be called as the real icon in ultra distance running. He has a dynamic personality that motivates and encourages a lot of people for making impossible things possible. Due to his marvelous work, he achieved a lot in his life.

Cottrell earned a number of titles throughout his life. He wrote two books and did nine movies that are unique in themselves. His Friendship Runs and the visit around thirty-eight different countries differentiate him from a normal person. Stan made beautiful relationships with the people present all across the world. For him, everyone is equal whether they come from the established family or from a village.

The Kentucky son friendship runs association aims to provide necessary help and hope for the poor and needy people. Being a great human being, he ran all around the world to remove the barriers that exist among individuals for each other. He removes all hurdles responsible for separating humanity. The one and only purpose of Stan is uniting every human heart.

Stan Cottrell is the great human being, who visited Ethiopia and raised funds for the poor. He raised funds for almost one hundred forty-three million orphan people. By his friendship runs, Cottrell outreached individuals living in the White House or people coming from slum areas. The Goodwill ambassador has also been rewarded by respected personalities of the political and television industry. He has been invited many times for television appearances. Stan Cottrell earned remarkable achievements in life, which are completely unforgettable.

Cottrell has opened the door for sports with his humbleness and persistence. The man ran two thousand one hundred twenty-five miles in just fifty-three days from Great Wall of China to Guangzhou. All pictures of Stan shows his painful journey going through the restricted area. During the China run, all curious eyes were on him. The ultra-distance runner ran on an average of 40 miles per day. You can even see the courage shown by Stan Cottrell in his movie “ China Run.”


Stan Cottrell can be a role model for everyone, who got failures in their life. His commendable contribution to humanity gives a reason for facing the world with courage.