Strat A Trip With Solar Power Campervan

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It is generally known that the resources of our planet are limited. The utilization of new energy has been a sustainable way for human development. Campervans use a lot of energy, we use solar power to drive vehicles as it is a good way to achieve green and low-carbon. Unlike the conventional caravan, solar powered ones make no carbon emissions. Many countries advocate the solar power campervan. Maybe you can travel with a solar power campervan in the future.

According to recent news, a civil servant in china quit his job to start a trip in a homemade solar campervan with his parents. The campervan has a solar panel at the top of the van. It heats up the water tank through solar power and tailpipes. They travel throughout China, from north to south. This trip was full of joy and happiness. I just finished a trip in Australia, we rented a vehicle in campervan hire Adelaide, and the campervan was very nice and well-equipped. When we returned I talked to the rental company staff about the solar power campervan in the rental industry. They were also looking forward to solar powered camper vans.

Strat A Trip With Solar Power Campervan

Nowadays, we can see many companies release their new campervan or new designs for campervan. Among these is the Verdier Solar-Powered Camper Van, which is my favorite camper van at the moment. Verdier solar power campervan is designed with a classical Westfalia style that has been modified. A Hybrid rocket motor and solar panel have been added into the new model which saves energy.

I went to a Tourism Fair in Beijing, where a company showed us solar kitchen technology in campervan. The worker opens the lid of a black pipe. Then, he filled the jar with water and inserted the pipe inside. After 20 minutes, the water boiled. He also told me that the pipe was a new tiny solar kitchen. Its temperature can reach 350 degrees if you put it under the sun. You can use it for making barbecue, boiling water, cooking rice, and making popcorn. Even in minus 40 degrees (Celsius) temperature can be used to make barbecue if there was enough sunshine.

What surprised me is that the tiny solar kitchen has a PV power system installed, which, when combined with Solar Smart Prep Scanning technology, can activate the automatic cooking function. In addition, it is designed to be light and portable, with only a weight of 5 KG, can be folded to put into the trunk of any camper van. Not only has that, you can even fix its position on top of the campervan.

As we can see, there will be many solar powered camper vans released in the future. We don’t have to worry about energy consumption and Carbon emissions, and we can plan long distance trips.

The author was Jack Wei, you can contact him by email: [email protected]