Strolling, Relaxing, and Fishing In The Old Town Of Daman

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Daman is a coastal town situated in the Union Territory of DamanĀ  and Diu. Damanganga river separates the town into two parts and the larger one is called Nani Daman and the smaller one, Moti Daman. Although the literal meaning of the names mean just the opposite and Moti denotes bigger. Tourists and foreigners visit the town frequently and The Deltin is amongst the most popular 5 star hotels in Damanand around. Resorts are also suitable choices for staying in Daman.

Daman was accidently discovered by Diogo De Melo in 1523 and since then the area remained under Portuguese occupation for some 400 years. There is a large fort in Moti Daman which was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century to safeguard the region against the previous occupants Mughals. The fort has been well-preserved and now acts as an administrative building for the municipal government. Saint Jerome Fort is another place of tourist attraction in the town. Devka Beach is full of fun as it has amusement park, musical fountain, the wide stretch of white sand is a breathtaking sight. The rocks beneath the water look like marbles afloat below the surface. Dominican Monastery is also an experience in itself. Visiting a coastal town has its own surprises and pleasures. The town serves some nice cuisines and the air is filled with the vibes of party and enjoyment. A Nariyal Poornima festival is celebrated during the onset of monsoons. It marks the start of the fishing season and is a must watch during this time. The locals believe that the ceremony and offering coconuts to the deities would bring luck for the fishermen. The climate is always ambient and hence Daman can be visited any time during a year. Daman is a nice weekend getaway for the people of Mumbai and Gujarat. Vapi is just 12 km from Daman.

Daman is a perfect place for some recreation and a must-visit town if one passes through this region. Since visitors come here for a excursions and merrymaking, Daman is a hub for light and fun-filled trips. If you like countryside, the town is surrounded by several small villages and you can further explore their lifestyles and customs. If you just want to stay in a laid back setting with some days to relax at a slow pace, Daman is the place to be at. Waking up early morning to catch up with the chores of the local fishermen is a delightful experience. Daman hotel listincludes budget as well as luxury accommodation. For reasonable tariffs, you can choose the economy hotels and guesthouses in Daman. For a more indulging experience, you can look for more choices in star rated hotels. Daman is a place that is equally enjoyable with your friends and family as well as on a solo trip.

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