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Struggles Of An Infertile Couple

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Getting pregnant and starting a new family will be the goal for almost everyone as soon as they start planning for a future after marriage. But it was never easy for some of us. Unfortunately, our awareness level towards fertility health is very less that most are not even aware of the fact that infertility causes inability to conceive. We keep trying for years and every time the pregnancy test is a failure. This wait could be heart-wrenching. I have seen a lot of couples who go for alternative treatment after 10 years of trying for pregnancy. All I wanted to ask them was why do you take so long to even discuss with someone else about your fertility problem. Visiting a fertility clinic in Chennai for our research yielded some of our results in understanding the struggles faced by couples.

At most of the fertility clinics, we can see both young and middle-aged couples. We can even see a few old couples. The sadness and hope will be so evident on their faces. There is always an emotional struggle associated with this. As a married couple, the child is the symbol of their and love and gives a meaning to their life. This is a crucial stage where both the partners should be very understanding and supportive of each other. Talk to each other openly. Visit an infertility doctor in Chennai as a couple without any hesitation. There is nothing to get embarrassed. Infertility is not a disease but a chronic condition.

Always remember that you are growing old and as you grow old, your organs also age. So it is very important to understand your fertility health. Semen analysis and vaginal ultrasound will help in understanding your fertility quotient. Hence do perform a fertility analysis test and get your results before consulting a fertility doctor.

Every time your pregnancy test fails you will lose hope. But all that we are trying to say is that infertility is not the end of the road. There are a lot of things which you should ask your fertility clinic doctor and get yourself clarified about the treatment. There are very little chances of the current infertility technology not helping you become pregnant. But we would always suggest you try it out before we actually call it off.