Summer Car Trip: How not to get sick from the air conditioner?

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Did you know that every second driver doesn’t properly use the air conditioner in the car? Air conditioning is a great invention for modern cars and a very useful device for long journeys in the summer.

For example, you are going to visit hot Florida, and reserved Value rental car in Orlando. The most important aspect is the presence of air conditioning in the car, as it will allow you to feel comfortable even when the air temperature is more than 40°C. However, it’s worth knowing how to properly use this cooling device to avoid health problems.

What is car air conditioner?

Car air conditioner (AC) is a device that not only contributes to the comfort of traveling, but also helps our body when driving in a tightly closed and glazed passenger compartment on a sunny hot day. After all, without this option, our body overheats, which is harmful to health and safety on the road.

Unfortunately, many drivers have no idea how to properly use this useful device in the car. Did you know that improper use of the car air cooling system can lead to health problems for both the driver and the passengers? So, what to do to not get sick from it?


How to turn on the car air conditioner?

Do not rush to immediately turn on the air conditioner as soon as you get into your car. After you have opened the door, determine whether it’s warm in the cabin or too uncomfortable and hot. It is of great importance.

If your car was in the shade, it may not be very hot in the cabin even on a hot day. In such a situation, it’s advisable to close the door faster until hot air from the outside gets into the cabin, turn on the air cooling and start moving.

However, more often in the summer, we leave the car in the sun. In this case, our algorithm for using the air conditioner should be different. If your car has stood in the sun for a long time, it will be not only very hot, but also very stuffy in the cabin. In this situation, before turning on the option, you must open all the doors or windows so that the hot air comes out of the car.

When the cooler air from cools the car a little, turn on the engine, and start moving. On the move, the hot air in the cabin will quickly change to more fresh air from the outside. Continue driving until the air inside the cabin becomes less stuffy and hot. Next, close all windows and turn on the air conditioner. After turning on the air conditioner, be sure to turn on the air recirculation mode in the cabin. So the air conditioner will quickly cool the air in the car.


What temperature to set?

Regarding the air temperature, then in the first 2-3 minutes after activating the AC, set the temperature slightly lower than the ambient temperature. For example, if the outdoor temperature is +28°C, it’s recommended to set +25…26°C in the car. If it’s +34°C outside, you can set 28°C on the air conditioner control panel.

Later, when the automatic air conditioning system makes the air in the cabin comfortable, you can slightly increase the temperature difference between the outside and the interior of the car. However, if you are often sick, or you have weak immunity, then it’s better to keep the temperature in the cabin not much lower than the temperature of the surrounding air. The smaller the difference, the lower the risk of getting sick.

Yes, a small temperature difference won’t contribute to the ideal comfort in the cabin, but health is more important factor. In addition, you must remember that with a large temperature difference you load the air conditioner compressor, which affects fuel consumption. Respectively, with a small temperature difference in the cabin and outside the car, fuel consumption will increase only slightly.


How to use the car air conditioner with manual control?

But this temperature advice applies to those cars that have climate control. In case the car is equipped with a conventional air conditioning with manual control, it’s not possible to set a specific temperature.

Drivers of such vehicles are not recommended to turn on the air conditioning immediately before starting driving. It’s better to start cooling the air in the cabin in the usual way, by turning on the cabin ventilation system to the maximum mode. At the same time, the air recirculation mode must be turned off. The air in the cabin should come from the outside. After the air in the cabin has become cooler, turn on the air conditioner. In this case, adjust the air supply mainly to the glasses and legs, but not to the face and chest.

Having driven with the conditioner for the first five minutes, don’t forget to turn off the air recirculation mode in the cabin. Once again we pay attention that it’s necessary to avoid a big distinction between the inner and the outer temperature. For example, if outside the window is +28°C, then by setting +19°C on the climate control, you expose your body to stress.

Also, keep in mind that with such a difference in temperature, you run the risk of thermal burns when you get out of the car in the open summer sun. Remember that quite comfortable temperature in the cabin, even on very hot days, is 22…24°C. However, if the ambient temperature is +35°C or even higher, then it’s dangerous to set the temperature to 22°C due to the large difference.