Summer Road Trip to America: Healthy and Tasty!

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One of the best things you can do for your health is traveling. It’s not about only physical, but mental health also. Of course, you may worry before your trip or after, but this is your chance to forget about the difficulties and enjoy traveling. helps you to pick the best car for your destination according to your age, budget, travel needs. There is a useful mobile app, helping to book a car in advance whenever you go.

Healthy Traveling

America is the biggest territory for traveling. Locals like to take trips in summer in all directions. Speaking about trips, it is all about car travelling. Locals and tourists prefer travelling by car from state to state, exploring new and new destinations. What is more, it is good for your health. Why?

  1. Removing stress.
  2. Self-made inventions.
  3. Boosting happiness and satisfaction.
  4. Mental flexibility.
  5. Weigh loos and physical efforts.

Grand Canyon National Park Mather Campground SR 0019


Tasty Traveling

It’s not a difficult thing to plan your road trip. How can you make a trip more interesting and memorable? You can rent a big van, put all your friends in and take them to the open road to choose something you love and string together destinations related to that theme. Of course, it’s all about food! It can be really fun, if include stops that are free or cheap.


There is an interesting chocolate trail to Blackhawk, Illinois for all chocolate lovers. This is an interesting journey that takes you to visit all popular cafes, candy shops, bakeries to try chocolate food. You are welcomed to live in the local hotels on the go. By the way, the tasting is free! The cafes keep free chocolate samples special for trail tourists.

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If you love cheese you should know that Wisconsin is the right place to start your cheesy journey. Why Wisconsin? This state counts about 60 cheese makers who are absolutely devoted to their cheese factories. So, you can not only taste different sorts of local cheese for free, but also enjoy the process of making cheese. You should also visit restaurants, cafes and local shops to taste and buy cheese for souvenirs.

Wisconsin Cheese



This tour makes you think long. You may choose one of about 300 wine trials in America, or combine some of them together. That means that you are given hundreds of opportunities to taste free or cheap wine samples along the road trail. If you are going to taste much, it is better to take one nondrinking friend with you or take a car with driver. It is better to think of your wine route first in order to take contacts of all nearby wineries.


If wine is not enough, you may take a beer trail also. There are many private breweries all over the country. Of course, you cannot visit them all. Choose the brightest of them. There is a special website which is called Brew Trail. It is full of suggestions and recommendation about free tasting, visit confirmation, best-visited places.


BBQ is very interesting topic. Texas is the best place, know of its broad BBQ opportunities. The trail starts from Austin, welcoming you to make a stop at every popular BBQ restaurant. The trip can be cheap and almost free. The restaurants always have special offers for BBQ trail participants.

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Meet Mexican food in Arizona. You have a chance to take Salsa Trail that is the best for hungry visitors. There are about 20 atmospheric restaurants along the Old West Highway that offer spicy Mexican food. You are advices to focus on salsa and chips. They are absolutely delectable.


This is another alcohol trip. You have a chance to taste Bourbon for cheap. This is not a drink only, but also a piece of art. Why Kentucky? This state is called the Bourbon State since 1700. You are offered to taste this sort of alcohol and learn history facts about it.


American states welcome you with the wild nature. If you prefer to see wildlife from the safety salon of your car, you may take a trip to the Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. As a rule the trail takes about 7 days. You can see bears, moose, wolves, and foxes on the way. The view of nature is amazing!

2017 USA Mountain States - Yellowstone NP, WY / Grand Prismatic Spring



This is the most popular variant for families with kids. Of course, your kids like visiting theme parks. You can simply plan your car road in such a way you may visit several theme parks one by one. How can it possible to do it less expensively? Try to pick only small parks. The prices are lower there. The most of them are comfortably situated along the highways. Pay attention to Kennywood, Idlewild, Hersheypark, and Dorney Park. The ticket price starts from $30-50 per person.

As you can see, the road trip can not only boost your mood and improve your health, but help you to taste more new and incredible dishes. How to make a tour interesting? Just find something you like to eat the most and include it in your trip plan. Be sure, each of American states has something it can boast with.