Teo Celigo Stars in The Feature Film ‘Killing Joan’

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Whatever you do – don’t mess with Joan. In the feature film Killing Joan, Joan is an enforcer known for her ruthless tactics and wild abandon. After she is double crossed by her boss and left for dead, she becomes a vengeful spirit and is doomed to wander the Earth until she is able to take down the men that attacked her. And the way she does it is very cool. No spoilers here, however, but let us just say that wherever Joan goes, just make sure you are not one of the guys who attacked her earlier and you might just survive.


We thoroughly enjoyed the film and the actors, especially Teo Celigo and Jamie Bernadette, who plays the title role. Teo is quite convincing as her lover and whenever he is on the screen he tends to steal scenes. We are sure he doesn’t do this on purpose though. He’s just one of those movie stars that has something most people call “IT.” No one can put their finger on what exactly that means but they know it when they see it and when you see Teo you will know that you are seeing “IT.”

Anyway, Killing Joan can be described as a horror film, a suspense movie and certainly an action picture. It’s got so much going for it that you invest a lot of yourself in it and by the end even though you are exhausted you still want more, you don’t want it to end. It was written and directed by Todd Bartoo and produced by Bartoo and Joseph Cervelin. Although it was made on a lean budget the production values are high and the titles and special effects are brilliantly imagined and manifested –they are beautifully brilliant.

We also saw Teo in another film, of which he has many out there. That’s Our Thing, What If… is a short film, a love story, with a lot of heart and a great deal of feelings. It is a silent film that stars Teo Celigo and was written by Everett Hernandez and Ale Fips and directed by Everett Hernandez. That’s Our Thing, What If… won the Best Experimental Award at the Festigious International Film Festival and at the LA Shorts Awards it won Best Music/Score for Jose Skertchly.

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