The Best Gifts For Golf Tournaments

3 mins read

This past weekend my company had a staff golf tournament. It was a massive event as all of our suppliers, clients and staff were there. In total we had close to 100 golfers.

For us this is a big event because it’s a way of saying thank you to everyone. Being a former golf professional it was my task to organize the event. This is a tough job especially when they are about 100 golfers. But I was looking forward to using my golf organization skills.

The biggest thing to do was booking tee times and a course. From there it was confirming entries. The company was paying for everything so it wasn’t hard to get a full field.

Once we did it was then onto getting a memorable first tee gift. For those non-golfers out there a first tee gift is something you get on the first tee. It’s actually a gift you get upon registering but who cares!

The key was for the gift to be memorable and useful. I had some ideas and I want to share with you the best gifts for golf tournaments.

The Best Gifts For Golf Tournaments

#1  – Sleeve of Crested Golf Balls

Golf balls are useful no doubt about it. But are they memorable. Maybe not. But you can make them memorable with a nice cresting. We considered having the company logo and date placed on the golf balls. But in the end we thought it was too small of a gift. It still might be a great option for you.

#2 – Crested Golf Glove

A golf glove like the golf balls are useful. In face they will last far longer than three golf balls. Three golf balls could be lost in three swings for some golfers.

# 3 – Crested Golf Shirts

We weren’t expecting everyone to wear their custom clothing on the course that day, but it was going to be something they could wear for a long time. Some of our clients have been seen wearing golf clothes almost 5 years old. Once again having a logo or crest commemorating the tournament is a key piece.

# 4 – Divot Repair Tool Kit

Golf is a game that is filled with course care. You are to replace your divots and repair your ball marks on the greens. That’s why I thought a divot repair tool kit would be a great gift. Everyone needs one because they will take divots and make ball marks on the green.

# 5 – Crested Golf Hats

What we ended up choosing was custom hats. Everyone who plays golf or goes outside needs a hat to protect him or her from the sun. We could get our logo on them and order a large amount of different sizes.