The Castle

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A historical horror movie is what you need for a movie night with a bunch of friends, where you not only entertain yourself, but also gain knowledge, spend time with your loved ones and have healthy conversations relating to the context of the movie. The Castle aims at delivering high-quality entertainment content to the viewers so that they get excited and entertained as well.

The story of the horror movie revolves around a married couple, namely, Anna and Walter who vacation at a castle in Germany. Before 1945, the castle was owned by the evil SS Nazi Colonel Oskar Hoffman. However, it was abandoned for years, the abandoned castle was haunted by the ghosts of Nazis, but the innocent couple was unaware of this fact. Once they start going through incidents which seem unusual, they figure out that it is the ghosts of the Nazis. For their survival and safety, they do everything they can.

In the initial ten minutes of the story, the storyline revolves around the war scenario of world war II and its last days. The picturization of these scenes with German and American enactors took place in Illinois but it seems as if tanks, armored vehicles, and soldiers are all in Germany.

The company behind the movie “The Castle” is Distant Star Pictures (DSP). The Chicago based company is a blend of passion, ambition, hard work, and effort for the art of filmmaking. The caste and crew are passionate not only about the business and knowledge of filmmaking but they put in all their efforts in every step involved in the creation of a film. Starting from the concept writing to production, direction, and release of the films, the cast and crew show their full capabilities. They have been creating films since 2009 and are super dedicated towards their work and passion for filmmaking.

The company is super passionate but along with that, there is another cool thing that you need to know about them. The company’s cast and crew are very appreciative of their fans, they are an independent company who love to make movies for their fans. The love and support, provided by their backers is something that gives them motivation and a push to work harder to create content which is even more high quality and unique. For DSP, their fans are their backbone, their fans are the ones that keep the company going in the forward direction and never lets them stop.

The caste and crew of this movie have been able to make the movie look tremendous by having explosions, practical FX, blood pack squibs and other little details. The professional pyrotechnician has been able to add these details to make the movie look as real as possible. The cast and crew will also have 5 inline cameras to get the best possible shots and filmography.

The Castle is a fusion of two genres which are completely different from each other, the horror movie genre, and the World War II genre, this fusion creates an epic movie which shows some war scenes and then the horrors of the Nazi ghosts. You will witness the atrocities of the Nazis in the modern-day, this will movie will make you understand that the Nazis were never sympathetic, they have always been the bad guys.

The unique thing about this movie which makes it worthy of all the praise and support is that it is the first of its kind. The fusion of the two genres, the horror movie genre, and the World War II genre has never taken place in the past. The past experience of the cast and crew, their expertise, their passion, and the amazing setting has been able to come up with a movie which magnifies the art of filmmaking and the effort put in it.

Experience, skill set, passion, hard work, top-rated cast, and a phenomenal setting are some of the ingredients of the movie “The Castle”. With top-quality ingredients, a marvelous movie is produced which deserves all the praise and support.


A married couple, Anna and Walter dream for a vacation in Germany, they end up going to an abandoned Castle which is haunted by ghosts of Nazis. Instead of having the dream vacation that they dreamed of, they have to fight with the Nazi ghosts to save their lives.

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