The Most Lethal Martial Arts

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Martial Art is a sport which involves forms of self-defense or attack. There are different forms of martial arts out of which the most popular ones are Judo, Karate, and Kung Fu. However, these forms of martial arts are not as lethal as other forms of martial arts. In this article, we will discuss different forms of martial arts that can be used to kill a man with bare hands. Some of them are:

Muay Thai (Thailand)

Muay Thai has been one of the deadliest forms of martial arts. It outshines other forms of martial arts when it comes to violence level, however, in recent times, the violence level has been reduced to make this sports enjoyable. Originated in Thailand, Muay Thai is also known as the art of eight limbs. The fighter uses elbows, knees, punches and kicks to hit the opponent hard as they can and win the match. This martial art is getting a lot of popularity worldwide. There are different training camps teaching Muay Thai in Thailand. If you ever get a chance to travel to Thailand, you should visit a training camp once.


Sambo originated in Russia when the country came under attack by the Mongols and the French. The citizens had to protect themselves and their country and they created this deadly martial art. The brutal techniques used in Sambo are not less than any other martial arts. Word Sambo means self-defense without weapons. There are different techniques used in Sambo to make the opponent feel like a flesh of meat being torn by the great Sambo fighters. The training camp of Sambo also teaches different traditional forms of salutation that are an integral part of Sambo.


MCMAP is the martial art of United States of America. This martial is most commonly taught to the US military soldiers. MCMAP originated in 1775 and this martial art uses tricks to disassemble the bones and break the ribs and take down the opponent. In the blink of an eye, master of MCMAP can finish the round and kill the opponent. This martial art also uses techniques to use weapons and make the fighter more brutal.


Eskrima is an ancient Filipino art of beating the opponents with small wooden sticks. For centuries, this art has been used to take down opponents but with the arrival of Magellan in 1521, Filipinos used this against them and beat them senseless. The style involves teaching a variety of lightning fast strikes, grapples and disarming moves that are very effective. This form of a martial art, however, is not very popular.

These are 4 deadliest and fatal forms of martial arts. However, Muay Thai from is the deadliest of the lot. But for the sake of mankind, the violence level has been reduced to a big extent. We hope you like this article and find it informative. We hope to come up with more in future.