The Sauces to Write A Mouth-Watering Sales Letter

3 mins read

With a lot of sales emails and letters sent to your readers, you might wonder why only a small percentage of them respond to your messages. If your sales letter is just a mediocre one, you will want to know how to tweak it so that your readers can get it. Here are the keys to making an effective sales letter.


Address the recipient’s name

While it might be a bit tricky to know a person’s name, you could address them by Sir or Madam. The good thing here is that if you are subscribing to the automated email services like MailChimp, the tools will state their names on your behalf. So, you don’t need to edit your email one by one.


Tease the readers

You could tease the readers to lead them reading to your older messages. For instance, you could just ask them if they remember what you said last week. Or, perhaps ask about what the offers they did miss. With such an intriguing message, they will look back at your previous emails.


Keep your message short and dense.

We need to agree that folks nowadays are getting busier. They don’t have much time to pay attention to their emails. They usually screen the long page. So, there is no use to send them rich content. Instead, keep your message short so that they can grasp the points you are speaking.


Don’t overcome the message with the links.

Consider not to send them the downloads or other types of links. Perhaps they are still new about digital marketing. Instead, you could add your unique selling points. After all, adding some links will only make you look like a spammer.



Send the follow-up emails or phone call if you want to make your leads into your customers.



You will leave your readers in confusion if you don’t leave any call-to-action information. If they have further questions, queries, or requests, where they should go? You could put the official report in your emails.


Exploit the testimonies from other customers

Chances are you have high-profile clients in your business. They can be great influencers to gain more attention to your new clients. Make sure that you have the permissions from your high-profile clients to cite them in your sales letter.


Keep it professional

Any single mistype unforgiven. Make sure to check the grammars and spells before sending your email. The last thing you want is that your readers doubt because you can’t spell the words well.