Therapeutic Ultrasound A Boon For The Patients

Therapeutic Ultrasound A Boon For The Patients

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Therapeutic ultrasound constitutes a modality of treatment usually utilized for physical therapy. In this kind of treatment soft tissues of the body are given deep heating. These tissues can be tendons, muscles, ligaments, and joints. You are needed not confuse ultrasound used in the case of physical therapy with diagnostic ultrasound that is utilized to view the interior of the body like fetus while pregnancy or other medical conditions.

Common Injuries cured using Ultrasound

Tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, muscle tears plus strains, ligament plus sprain injuries, joint tightness, and contracture. There are also some sports injuries and cramps as well as muscle stretching where this therapy proves helpful. In case of postoperative treatments also this therapy is recommended.  

Working off an Ultrasound

Below given benefits are derived by use of therapeutic ultrasound:

Deep Heating Effects

Therapeutic Ultrasound A Boon For The Patients

It is very often that soft tissues of the body are given deep heating using ultrasound. By way of deep heating muscles, ligaments, and tendons there is an increase in blood circulation to these tissue structures of the body which can be considered to promote the process of healing. By making an increase in temperature of tissue through ultrasound is utilized to lessen pain. You can use ultrasound therapy units for this purpose at some expert therapist and help yourself relieve pain.

Moreover, the stretchiness of the tendons and muscles is enhanced due to deep heating to avoid their tightness. In case you are suffering from shoulder pain and are diagnosed with a condition of frozen shoulder, the physical therapist can utilize ultrasound to aid progress the extensibility necessary to the tissues that surround your shoulder ahead of going with any kind of exercises pertaining to a range of motion. Ultrasound therapy unit manufacturers know what kind of product is needed to bring relief to the patients suffering from such conditions, so they make quality machines.

Cavitation or Non-Thermal Effects

Ultrasound brings in energy into the body of the patient. Due to this energy, microscopic gas bubbles are caused in the vicinity of the tissues to contract and expand quickly, and this process is known as cavitation. It has been theorized that the contraction and expansion of such bubbles aid enhance cellular processes thus promote healing the tissues that are injured.

There are found two types of cavitation like stable and unstable. Stable cavitation is needed as the physical therapist is using ultrasound on your body. Unstable cavitation may prove harmful to the tissues of your body, and the expert therapist has to make it certain that it does not take place at the time of applying ultrasound.

Ultrasound Feels Like

As you are getting treatment through ultrasound, you shall probably not experience anything taking place apart from a bit of warming sensation, or it can be feeling of tingling near the body part that is being treated.

In case transducer is left on your skin in place and is not kept moving in circular motion, you shall feel pain. If such thing happens at once, tell the therapist to put it in motion.