Things You Shouldn’t Do In Auckland…Do Better!

Things You Shouldn’t Do In Auckland…Do Better!

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The biggest city of New Zealand is Auckland. It is famous of its attractions, extreme and interesting life. You can find classic city attractions and there are many others that are learnt just inside of the country. Therefore, you should read about the most popular city attractions and things that you should or shouldn’t do in Auckland. Just helpful advices!

Kawarau Bridge Bungee Jumping

Don’t jump with parachute

You can bungee jump from the Sky Tower or Harbor Bridge. But, if you are here, in New Zealand, you should use one of the east coast car rentals Auckland locations and get some extreme. If you go far to the South of the country, you may find many different and impressive attractions. You may easily enjoy the city shops, museums, galleries, beaches, night clubs, bars and concert halls. You can also relax and talk to your friends in the hostel.

Fall short of hope that someone will like the football emblem of your Sweater

Of course, people like playing football here. New Zealand football team is rather popular. Nevertheless, locals don’t know much about the foreign football clubs and teams. Forget about football! New Zealand likes different sports. You don’t need to spend much money to watch sport: the city parks are full of numerous local sport teams to play their games. You can be surprised how many people come to watch sport games. Just find the green zones on the map and go there.

If you have enough money, you can buy tickets for cricket and rugby. Of course, there are people who cannot get the sense of cricket. Don’t worry. It is enough to start playing to learn what is what. New Zealand boats the rugby team All Blacks.

Don’t take too much clothing

What do you usually take for travelling? You don’t need elegant clothes, if you haven’t come to Auckland in business. Look around, locals don’t wear many clothes, even at the restaurant.

Don’t worry about what you wear

Focus on your comfort. People in New Zealand are mostly focused on their comfort. Thus, they wear shorts and sandals in summer and sweater and jeans in winter. By the way, sweaters are very popular in winter. People wear T-shirts and shirts with sweater.

Central Business District is not the whole city at all

Auckland seems to be very small city. The central Business district is not only for business. Of course, you should visit this large scaled place but not only this. You can go to the West and see the beautiful beaches. Such black sand beaches as Piha, KareKare beach are popular for surfing. There are many islands in the harbor that must be explored. This is a beautiful place with volcanoes, vineries, beaches, mountains.

Don’t forget to make price of local kitchen

Locals like their cuisine. So, if you want to find a good place to eat, try to ask locals about it. You may simply walk along the streets and find the most crowded place. Of course, you may try steak, cheese pie and mashed potato. You may ask for something Asian, as New Zealand is closer to Asia that Europe. Try to find and read the book Eating Asian in Auckland: a City Guide to Ethnic Food. It is full of helpful advices.

Don’t stay in the room in summer

You shouldn’t stay inside in summer. Don’t waste your time for sitting at home. Go out to see how beautiful and interesting the country is. You shouldn’t waste your time inside.

Never forget to visit local festivals

If you want to visit festival, there is no problem at all. The festivals are mostly free in New Zealand. You may visit cultural festivals like Chinese New Year or Pacific – one of the biggest Polynesian festivals in the world. The festivals are usually held in the parks where you can have picnic, enjoy free music, performances, films. It must be interesting.

Don’t be angry with rain

You shouldn’t wait until the rain stops. You may go out or hire a car and continue travelling by car. Not every day in New Zealand is hot and sunny. It often rains. Just take your raincoat with you and dress it up if necessary. Remember that your clothes must be comfortable. The weather is changeable. You can get wet, catch cold or get the sun burnt in 10 minutes. It can be also windy.


Stay away from sun

You shouldn’t stay at home because of heat. But you should take care of yourself. Here, in New Zealand, you can burn in the sun for 7-10 minutes. There are many tourists who are aimed to enjoy the sun and good weather to the full. You must protect your skin from the sun. It is not a problem. The shops and pharmacies are full of sun protective creams. The most helpful advice in a hot day sounds like this: Slip, slop, slap and wrap! It means that you have to dress the shirt up, make yourself with cream, put on the sun glasses and sun hat.

Listen to local music more

The population of New Zealand is not big. It is difficult to name the popular artists and singers. So, there is nothing better than local music. Local musicians are talented. The information about the concerts and performances you can take from the information bureau or cafe. New Zealand is an island country that likes calm natural sounds under the influence of rugby, Polynesian music, pop, rock music. The mix of music styles can be impressive. You should visit something like that one day!

Don’t use central shops only

The central shops are god to buy T-shirts, souvenirs. The chains of the popular shops are mostly concentrated in the center. If you need to find something special, you may spend your time for shopping. Otherwise, all you need you can easily find in your country.

K Road, Auckland, New Zealand

Never miss having fun on K’Road

K’Road is surrounded of regions are the most popular places in Auckland. There is an Asian supermarket, cafes, restaurants where you can drink Indian tea and eat Indian sweets. The atmosphere is fantastic. How about the tattoo? You can easily have fun at every city district. K’Road makes your feel special.

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