This October, be a Part of Richmond‘s Fall Recycling Campaign

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Recycling comes in all shapes and sizes. Indeed it does. Ask Sims Metal Management, the world leader in electronics and scrap metal recycling, which processes items ranging from copper cables to color television at its scrap yard in Richmond, VA, making sure the city’s environment is free of toxins.

“Recycling comes in all shapes and sizes” is also the theme for Richmond’s fall recycling campaign this year. While you are enjoying the leaves changing color, the unmistakable nip in the air indicating the fact that winter is just around the corner, and the promise of the upcoming holiday season, the staff at the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) is busy giving finishing touches to the campaign.

CVWMA, which is responsible for the waste collection and recycling programs in 13 localities across Virginia including Richmond, launched this campaign to inform and educate the public about what items are accepted in its curbside recycling program.

The underlying aim of this “refresher course in recycling” is to encourage more and more people to recycle and increase the tonnage collected at the curb.

Clearly, the organization that collects nearly 120 tons of recyclables each day through its curbside recycling service and manages to divert 36,000 tons of recyclable materials from Virginia landfills annually as a direct result of its curbside recycling program is not content to sit on its laurels.

It wants to do more. It aims to reach far. That’s why it has designed the fall campaign and is using popular social media tools like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to spread the message to the community and encourage them to participate in the city’s famous curbside recycling program.


For those who need to jog their memories, here are some salient features of Richmond’s curbside recycling program:

Single-stream recycling: The City of Virginia follows the single-stream recycling system, which means that residents don’t need to sort their recyclables. All accepted recyclables can be placed together in a single bin. The idea, again, is to make recycling convenient for residents.

Green carts no more: The City of Richmond wants its residents to recycle as much as they can using whatever they can – bins, carts, paper grocery bags, plastic totes, small trash cans – anything that’s convenient for them. They don’t even have to be green! Alternatively, Richmonders can also purchase a 96-gallon cart or order a 24-gallon bin for free from their municipality or the CVWMA.

Accepted items: Residents can recycle corrugated cardboard boxes, mixed paper, narrow-neck #1 or #2 plastic bottles, and clear, blue, brown, and green glass bottles and jars at the curb. The only type of scrap metal Richmond’s curbside recycling program accepts are steel and aluminum cans.

What not to recycle: Due to declining market, some items have been de-listed from the city’s curbside recycling program. Residents are advised not to include foam products, packaging material, plastic bags, food contaminated items, milk cartons & juice boxes, plastic containers other than #1 or #2, and lids & caps in their curbside recycling bin.

When to recycle: If you’re one of the 252,000 homes serviced by the curbside recycling program of CVWMA, you’ll be provided a collection schedule via mail. You need to do your due diligence by making sure your recyclables are at the curb by 7 am on your scheduled collection day waiting for the pick-up.

This fall when the trees in your yard start to shed leaves, by all means, enjoy the view. But also make this fall count by becoming a part of Richmond’s fall recycling campaign and help the city spread the word that recycling does come in all shapes and sizes!