Why Going Green Is Golden: 5 Benefits Of A Green Data Center

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Going green is a hot topic in data centers around the world. While it is hard to deny that our technological advances are moving at the speed of light, it is also difficult (if not impossible) to ignore that we are also expending a lot of energy and consuming a growing number of valuable natural resources in the process.

Thankfully, this problem can be remedied. Many companies are catching the vision for a greener data center and are creating strategies–such as improving their server cooling systems and practices–to reduce and conserve.

It should be noted that peace of mind is not the only reward for the energy-conscious. Consider the following five benefits of creating an energy efficient data center.

By going Green you can:

1. Save Money

Many companies assume that saving the planet means spending more money, when in fact, this isn’t necessarily the case. Budgets of all size can employ green solutions. One simple strategy for going green (and saving green!) is raising the temperature set point in the server room. Servers today are more heat-tolerant than they were even a few years ago, meaning the server room need not double as a walk-in freezer. Raise the temp and watch the energy bill shrink.

2. Improve your public Image

Technology has done a lot to curb our printing/paper obsession, but it has also contributed heavily to energy expense. Specifically, data centers are viewed as pollution powerhouses. More than ever before, corporations should take responsibility for their role in environmental protection. Surveys show that clients are inclined to do business with eco-friendly companies over their competitors and are even willing to pay a bit more for conscious-friendly products. Take a few steps to go green and don’t be shy about sharing it. Loyal consumers want to know.

Why Going Green Is Golden 5 Benefits Of A Green Data Center

3. Consolidate Resources

Once you determine what you really need vs. what you are currently using, consolidation is the next natural step. By profiling storage and user data, for example, you can cut down on inefficiencies, thereby streamlining your business and saving time and energy. A consolidated data center is an efficient data center. Turn off unused servers and cut back on unnecessary extra storage.

4. Delay (or avoid) Major Expenditures

By cutting down on excess and consolidating space and energy, capital expenditures can be postponed or even avoided. The U.S. Department of Energy maintains a database of local and federal incentives that green-conscious companies can use when beginning a green initiative. Browse the list and see what your company can take advantage of. You may be surprised what you discover.

5. Enjoy the Satisfaction that comes with Taking Steps to Improve the Environment

No matter how you look at it, going green is a good decision for you, your clients, and your planet. Whether you have the funds to begin an alternative-energy project or are simply able to invest in rack solutions that improve cooling, making any difference at any level is still making a difference.

Those of us who are interested in keeping the planet around a little longer applaud you.

+Katrina is a product specialist for rack solutions solving issues for your computer server and power needs at Racksolutions.com