Tips for Exploring China on a Budget

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China is a country of great vastness and rich history, therefore attracts a lot of tourists. Sometimes too much of a choice can be confusing to visitors, but with good organization and a few looks at maps, everything can be achieved. What may be an obstacle to the exploring of this beautiful country are certainly costs that accompany each trip. However, there are many ways to reduce spends and to keep money saved. In the following lines, you will read about the most economical travelling through China, but also about the most interesting places to visit.

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The right time to travel to China is certainly the spring and autumn, when is the best weather. Beijing (the capital) is something that should not be missed. It has over 14.5 million inhabitants and it is an important cultural and political center. The most famous city sights are the summer palace built in year 1750, Forbidden City, which was the imperial palace of the Ming Dynasty, and of course BaDaLing-the most visited part of the famous Wall of China.

China’s largest city is Shanghai with about 24 million inhabitants in the city itself and a staggering 34 million in the wider area. It was first mentioned back in 960 year as a village, and today it contains many well-known companies, shopping centers and main port of China. Here is obligatory to visit the Longhua Temple (which is the largest complex of Buddhist temples in the city) as well as the Science-technology museum. For animal lovers there is the rich zoo where the giant pandas are the main stars.

Hong Kong is another city that offers great entertainment. Driving in this city is on the left side and what will surely excite visitors is the Ocean Park, the wax museum named Madame Tussauds and the Po Lin Monastery. For children there is a Disneyland, and those seeking for natural beauty, island of Lantau.

The cheapest areas are in the West China and the inland (Tibet, Gansu, Yunnan), while the highest costs are in large centers such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Macao. Best way for transport in China (except bicycle) is a bus and on the second place train. If you choose train, do not book bed, because ticket will get more expensive. Taxis should be avoided. Airplane is quite expensive, but there are a number of discounts, you just need to follow up with them. When it comes to food, the prices are high, especially in large cities. Therefore, it is necessary to fit in with the local population and to see where they shop groceries. Considering that tourists are not familiar with the local currency, take the time to convert the cost into your currency and to realize the value of product.

Accommodation is probably the most expensive item in China, but if you share a room with friends, the costs will be reduced. The most favorable option are hostels, while hotels should not be a choice. Prices in restaurants depend on the exclusivity of the object, and preferred specialties can be found at street vendors. Do not forget to try the famous noodles, rice on many ways and Beobing (ice dessert).