Tips For Taking Top Notch Vacation Photos

Tips For Taking Top Notch Vacation Photos

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Who doesn’t love a great picture? So many of us choose a vacation destination that is going to allow us a chance at great pictures because why wouldn’t you want to go someplace scenic for a well-deserved vacation? There are few things that really bring to life an amazing vacation experience or special moment the way that a top notch photograph. If you spend time on major photography based social media sites like Instagram, then picking out a great photo-friendly location makes all the more sense. So get your RV rental squared away, pick out your next spot, and get going today!

Tips For Taking Top Notch Vacation Photos

Understand the Basics

This is one of the crucial aspects for taking good pictures. While many people are reading about advanced tips, looking for a professional level camera or an expensive new addition, the truth is that often times understanding the basics of taking good pictures is all it takes to learn how to take better vacation photos whether for Instagram, Pinterest, or simply your own home scrap book.

Basic photography doesn’t even mean you need to take a class. Check out free YouTube tutorials, photography blogs, and other similar sources to learn how to take great pictures. Always understand where the sun is, how to prevent glare, and learn how basic shutter speed works. Even knowing the basics of how these topics work can make all the difference!

Quick Tips

Take a look at some really popular vacation or travel accounts on photo based social media websites or even travel blogs. While breathtaking views and incredibly unique locations are certainly major draws, the best accounts have a wide variety of shots. Definitely take a picture of that breathtaking view but also remember seeing people, and having that human touch, can really bring life to a set of photographs. Whether it’s a group of big smiles or a contemplative gaze in the distance, a few good people picture can make all the difference in a collection.

Don’t forget to enjoy the details and small beauty, as well. A close up of a lady bug on a dewy blade of grass, a local animal in its natural habitat, there are all kinds of examples of “simple” topics where a very good eye for subtle beauty can lead to absolutely incredible pictures that either stand alone or really bring a fantastic balance to a group of excellent photos.

Remember, having only one type of photo can really become redundant no matter how good the model or focus. This is why it’s so important to have a great variety in a collection to really help the photos paint a complete picture and create collections that will really gain attention and look great.

Tell a Story with Your Photos

Everyone loves a good story. Whether this story comes in the form of words, video, or pictures, you are going to get a lot more attention with a put-together theme as opposed to just a random collection of shots that seem to be from different places, different times, etc. Variety is good, but have a theme in what puts together your collections and the response will be even better!