Tips To Have A Nice and Exciting Train Journey

Tips To Have A Nice and Exciting Train Journey

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There are many who may not have traveled long distance by Indian trains and would like to know how they will spend the hours on the train. With some useful tips given below, the traveler is sure to enjoy each and every moment spent. These days, long distance trains are powered by diesel and electricity and do offer the passengers with a wonderful journey, allowing them to reach their destination on time and taking very less time. Gone are those days, when the person had to spend at least 3 to 4 days to reach his destination located in another part of the country.

Tips To Have A Nice and Exciting Train Journey

Tips to follow

  • Buying a couple of favorite magazines on the way or on the train can help the person to enjoy covering long distances without getting tired or bored. Reading helps to spend the time happily and also to stay informed. If reading is not much desired, then simply looking out from the carriage door or windows can help to know the landscape of the countryside in its original form and to enjoy its beauty. The changing landscape also will help the person to know about the real India that is mentioned in books.
  • If traveling alone, it will be useful to look out for some good company. Conversing with the other passengers around will help to pass on time, without having that feeling of being alone. But one should not be over-talkative or divulge out secrets or trust the others too much. The person can discuss about hobbies, politics, movies, sports, about the place being visited, food, etc. There are hundreds of topics to choose from.
  • If the person has some special dietary needs, then he can have it prepared at the home and brought along. There have emerged numerous reputed sites that have been allowing travelers to choose their favorite cuisine and offer assured Delivery of Food in Trains. One can enjoy having delicious, hot and well prepared food served by the reputed hotels and restaurants, associated with these sites.
  • There are many who may lead a busy life and might not have slept for some time due to work pressure. The long distance train does allow them to enjoy getting relaxed and get good sleep, so as to get refreshed upon reaching the destination. If the person is not able to sleep in the fast moving trains that vibrates tremendously or is probably a light sleeper, then he can bring along his smartphone and headphone. This will allow him to listen to his favorite music.
  • If the person loves to play games like ludo, chess, cards, etc. then he can bring the equipments and share it among co-passengers, who are sure to get excited and play for hours together. In case, the person has a passion for singing or performing magic, then he can entertain the fellow passengers and get praised by everyone around.

The fact is there are plenty of things that can be undertaken during the long train journey.

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