TOP 10 Essential Vintage Boutiques and Markets In Australia: Must-See and Must-Have!

TOP 10 Essential Vintage Boutiques and Markets In Australia: Must-See and Must-Have!

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Vintage shops are considered to be the most interesting places to shop and only to visit from time to time. If you want to find the most atmospheric one, welcome to Auckland. This is a city where the finest retro stores are waiting for you. You can buy everything here, including hand-made accessories and timeless dresses. Of course, the capital of New Zealand knows everything about shopping needs. Why don’t you rent a car at east coast car rental Auckland and comb the city area. The capital city is worth to start with. It hides the dozens of retro points to choose from.


Vixen Vintage Shop

Kevin’s Arcade is an atmospheric platform that is full of retro and unique antique samples. Vixen place is doubtless the top stop for shopping. You can see retro costumes, footwear, hand bags, crafted accessories, knitted things, funny grafts on the shelves.

Address: 183, Karangahape Road, Auckland



What an interesting shop name! Tango got stuck in the Little High Street. You can easily miss it just passing by. You will notice this place only if you know about it location. The shop is worth visiting: you’ll be impressed with a unique collection of male and female clothes and bright glazing accessories. Vintage footwear and decorations are also available. The shop atmosphere absolutely corresponds to its glorious name.

Address: 55, High Street, Auckland

Vault Dept

To get the shop you have to spend some time. It is situated few minutes driving from the city. The territory where the shop is comfortable placed in called the Warkworth, which is famous of its wineries and beautiful landscapes around. The Vault offers you to buy vintage dresses, suits, creative hats, crafted accessories, and hand-made antiques collections. The decor of the shop came from 20th. The little cozy cafe meets you with local delicacies and wine after a long tiring shopping.

Address: 11, Neville Street, Warkworth

Retro Addiction

The name of this boutique takes you to the past closer to the retro style. Retro Addiction has a wide choice of vintage things for sale. You can find impressive stylish clothes of the past years, accessories, furnishing, and house decoration items. Every little thing is a masterpiece here.

Address: 849, North Road, Auckland

Paper Bag Princess

This is a fashion addicted second-hand shop by sense. This new dynamic shop is situated on K’Road. You can find the clothes samples and all sorts of second-hand goods from retro and modern designers all together. The most of them sell their essential clothes for charity. So, you means much for this shop as a client.

Address: 202, Karangahape Road, Auckland

Children's clothing.


Wellington’s shopping offer is unique and atmospheric. You should ride your car from Auckland to Wellington if you want to find something passionately special. Drive to the Cuba Street to find a number of hidden thrifty shops to explore. Of course, capital vintage boutiques are elegant and stylish, full of cool stuff. The shops of Wellington are atmospheric. You can find a lot of unique things here. The most impressive places to find some trendy retro essentials are:


Thrift is rather new vintage shop that started its work in 2015. It takes clothes from locals who need to clean their wardrobe for spring. Nevertheless, you can find not only used clothes here but handmade accessories, and collection of popular vintage labels. What a good idea to help people to recycle their old clothes! The shop also helps to buy season clothes to everyone who really needs it for little money.

Address: 162, Cuba Street, TeAro, Wellington


Wellington Underground Market

This huge indoor market is a good choice for everyone who is looking for something exotic. You can find absolutely unique fashion samples here. The market territory is full if hand-made clothes and decor. You are welcoming here on Saturdays from morning till 4 p.m. Why is this place worth visiting? You can find not only vintage garments here but also find interesting branded finds from the local designers. If you are young and creative and want to start sell your clothes, bring them here one day.

Address: Waterfront, Jervois Quay, Wellington

inside Wellington Underground Market

Hunters and Collectors

All addicted hunters and vintage collectors come here sooner or later. The trade spot is located on the Cuba Street, most colorful and noisy street of Wellington. The assortment of the shop impresses you with new and old things: clothes, house wear, jewelry, sport accessories, everything that people used before for their needs.

Address:134, Cuba Street, TeAro, Wellington

Newtown Retro Market

This is not a fashion shop, boutique but a big trade spot. This market idea was established in 2016 to follow the traditions of the capital’s thrift sales. The market was established as a special place to help local artists and young designers, sculptors, craftsmen to gather together and talk, make, sell and enjoy the process. You can find everything here, including not only traditional vintage dresses and accessories but interesting plants, antiques, pieces of art. The sales go once a month, every first Saturday from the morning till late evening.


Ziggurat is worth visiting only if you are addicted from the local and foreign design labels. The clothes of all brands and labels can be found here. The brightest representatives from all fashion collections are hiding somewhere in the skit of things. The clothes from here are pricier than you can find from many modern fashion boutiques. It is timeless and must be a good investment for you.

Address: 144, Cuba Street, TeAro, Wellington

Pop up Flea Market

So, being in search of a special thing for present or just to remember about the country, city, person, try to look through the vintage shops. This is a place to find a unique dress, suit or souvenir, even food. New Zealand cities are beautiful on their own style and hospitality. The vintage boutiques are filled with impressive stuff that you can touch them, put on, taste or just admire.