TOP 11 Unusual Fitness Centers In The World: Make Your Fitness Interesting

TOP 11 Unusual Fitness Centers In The World: Make Your Fitness Interesting

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If you want to go for sport, you should not start from the next Monday. Start it right now. There are many fitness centers that help their clients a lot. The club owner made their clubs so mush creative that you always want to come back. So, here is the list of the most interesting fitness centers in the world.

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Firehouse Fitness

Location: Texas, USA

This sport center is organized with the modern facilities in the territory of the fire department. The Firehouse Fitness is specialized in individual training, group activities, such fights as kickboxing, yoga, jiu-jitsu. Unlike others fitness clubs, Firehouse Fitness was founded not by franchising but the property of one creative family who are the club owners. They try to make the family atmosphere comfortable and friendly for their clients. There is a kitchen, where you can cook something tasty and healthy after training. There is also the honors board where all the workable clients are placed.

Sky Wellness

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

The club is situated in the building of the ex-restaurant that is built in the 70th of the last century. The restaurant was rebuilt as the fitness center at the end of 90th. The club is popular with its panoramic windows, geometric ceiling that gives more space to the fitness room.

Brooklyn Boulders

Location: New York, Chicago, USA

This is the idea of the future. The club owners decided to promote healthy and sport life. They club is a unique combination of the co-working center, fitness club and rock-climbing wall. They make your working hours interesting. Every visitor should listen to the presentation first where you can learn more about the safety practice. These rules are simple: every 30 minutes you have to do squats, pull-ups and meet someone new. If you work in the center you may use fitness hall for free, visit fitness seminars, yoga classes.

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Sportplaza Mercator

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Probably, the most picturesque fitness center in the world is situated here. It looks like the hobbit’s house to be placed inside the big green hill on the territory of 7100 square meters. There is a fitness hall, swimming pool, sauna, cafe, playground for kids and other places to spend your time with pleasure.

Fitness Bus

Location: New York, USA

Actually, the mobile fitness center is situated in the bus. This is a part of the big fitness chain Inform Fitness. The buses like this are situated all over the city. It is like the mobile advertising. You can get inside and have your training here.

Easy Gym

Location: Arrigorriaga, Spain

There are many clubs with the same name but this one is special. This fitness center is rather different – you should come to train naked. The club owner decided to make it interesting in such a way. This is the fitness center for nudists. There are many of them in this country: more than 12 world-popular nude beaches.

EcoPower Fitness

Location: Portland, USA

There are two fitness centers of this brand. The pedals of the exercise bike are equipped with the generators to produce energy 50-150 watt. The electricity is used to give energy to the fans, lights, music and TVs. The fitness owners had a task to save money from saving energy. This is also a good advertising of eco living. Eco simulators are widely advertised on the TV, in press. There is nothing strange that the fitness hall is always full of visitors. This is a good practice to follow.

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Wild Card Gym

Location: Los Angeles, USA

The fitness center is situated not far from Hollywood. It attracts visitors not by the special interiors and other attractions, but popular visitors. You can meet the champions in boxing and wrestling here, movie and show stars. For example, Mickey Rourke and Mark Wahlberg come to train here. As a matter of fact, Wild Card Gym signs the contracts with the popular sportsmen and other stars to do their training here.

Le Nuage

Location: Montpellier, France

The fitness center is situated in one of the most original buildings of the city. The building was projected by the architect and designer Philippe Starck to be the glassy cube. Locals and tourists compare it with the air matrass. The building facade is covered with the huge bubbles. They are made of the special membrane that looks like glass. The building has five stores, panoramic windows and architectural mix of Greek and Roman lyceums.

Aqua Expeditions

Location: cruise over the Amazon River

Aqua Expeditions is a big ship-hotel that goes over the biggest rivers of the country Amazon and Mekong. There are lux class suits in the hotel, lobby, restaurant, fitness center. The wellness cruise is full of the sport training, yoga classes, meditations on the board. The panoramic windows of the room take you to the wild nature and colorful life of the local villages. The cruise lasts for 4-7 days. You can also continue your training outdoors to have a jungle expedition.

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Location: Wallis, Switzerland

This resort is situated 1411 meters above the sea level. The place is really picture square. You can hire a car in Zurich or Geneva to get to the mount resort with your family. There is also an opportunity to go there by bus. There are three main peaks to climb – Rinderhorn (3453), Altels (3629) and Balmhorn (3699). There is also the world popular passage Gemmi (2322). The landscape is also enriched with the mountain lake – Daubensee (2201). So, if you like panoramic landscapes, you may visit this place. The view from the windows is amazing.

Your fitness training will be added with skiing, skating, snowboarding. The fitness center is situated in the mountain hotel – Wildstrubel. There is also a restaurant with the big terrace and admiring Alps view. You should come here for two weeks. This is the way of training when the nature impacts are preferable: fresh air, water, beautiful nature. The nature helps you to make your mind and body stronger.