TOP 12 Photography Locations You Can Find EVERYWHERE!

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Photography gives you only positive emotions. Sometimes you have to work hard to take a good picture. It’s not only when you live somewhere deep in the forest and cannot find a good place for shooting. It’s just because you are lost in the variety of worthy places. What a challenge! As a rule, one location is not enough. Mia’s car rental is especially goof for taking transport in the South of America. Besides, a speedy car can be a good shooting platform on itself!

Do you really feel like you are ready to take a perfect photo? You can do it even in your own city! The information below can help you in picking a good interesting background for your pictures. Just ride your car, pack your stuff, and go traveling. It often happens that really brilliant places are waiting for you at every corner.

ragazza con lecca lecca



  1. Colored walls

It doesn’t matter where you live. You can always find a colored wall to take pictures on its back.

  1. Garage door

Garage door is not difficult to find in the city. This background is especially good for casual style or street style. This is a good back to take pictures of sport gear and clothes. You can try to play for contrast and put on an evening dress for a garage door.

  1. Secret garden

Do you have a secret garden in your city? Anyway, there must be a garden or a big park where you can find a secret place for shooting. This is good occasion to invite your friends and relatives to have a picnic there. Also, garden location is good for a romantic photo session.

  1. Graffiti wall

Graffiti wall can be a good background for your extravagant shooting. Also, you can put on your sport clothes or street style casual. Don’t forget that colored backgrounds can take people’s attention even more than your look. Try to wear something really interesting to help people to focus on your look.

newtown graffiti


  1. Yachts

That’s so cool if you are traveling somewhere to Florida or California. If you had a beautiful yacht, you could have nice shooting there. You can use any water location, including pier, docks, yachts, boats.

  1. Roof

Do you want brilliant pictures? You can climb up the roof and have shooting there. It’s not a problem if you can climb up the roof of your house or office. Roof session is very popular now days. Feel free to do what you want there are no people around to take your attention or press over.

  1. Stairs

Stairs are always easy to find. This is your chance to take fast pictures as you can find stairs everywhere in the city. What about posing? You can seat, stand, go up or down the stairs. Plus, stairs add some charm and texture to your picture.

Reese up the stairs


  1. Street

Street style pictures are always up to date. The street location is really great as you can take different poses, invite your friends or relatives. You can add houses, fence, road landscape. You can change the angle of shooting and never have problems with lack of space or something. You can seat, stand or jump on the road and feel free to do exactly what you want and have in your mind.

  1. Fountains and waterfalls

Water locations are really amazing for shooting. If you don’t have a beach line near your place, you may use city fountains or waterfalls. Do you have a fountain in the park? Don’t think long! You can take the best dynamic pictures there.

  1. Abandoned places

There is always a risk to visit forgotten houses, industrial objects or other abandoned locations. Be careful and watch your step. It can be risky and law breaking. Nevertheless, you can try to take a couple of interesting industrial pictures if you suddenly met a forgotten place on your way.



  1. Amusement parks

This location is the most popular one. Amusement parks are popular places to visit for kids and adults. They are good for family shooting or romantic session. Whatever you choose, you will get the best dynamic pictures and much joy.

  1. Skyscrapers

This specific location can be found in big cities only. Having a skyscraper as a background you shouldn’t climb it up. You can take a beautiful portrait with the skyline in the background. It’s enough for street photography.

There are many interesting location around you. Have you ever tried to take pictures on the background of a beautiful beach, lake or river, gas station, hotel room, street cafe or restaurant, university library, airport, sport ground, and your parents’ farm? It is never be a problem to find a good location for shooting. Just take your camera and spend your time nicely. Enjoy your weekend!