Top 4 Vacation Rental Accommodation Myths Debunked To Help Travellers

3 mins read

In the recent past, vacation rental homes are gaining more and more popularity with every passing day as against the typical hotel accommodations in India. In fact, statistics shows that such bookings have almost doubled in recent years. If not for the common myths surrounding these rental homes, even more travellers would have shown interest in them. Here, we debunk some of the common myths associated with vacation rental homes to help travellers to India.

Myth 1: Vacation Rental Homes Are Very Expensive

On the contrary to the widespread myth, vacation rentals often offer significant cost savings as against other lodging choices for many reasons. For instance, tourists can make just a single home reservation for a group of people when compared to booking many hotel rooms.  Similarly, with a fully equipped kitchen in the home, it’s possible to save a lot on dining out.

Myth 2: They Lack Onsite Assistance

In contrast to this misconception, such rental homes most often provide assistance irrespective of whether it’s operated by owner or professionally managed.  Guests are generally given an emergency contact number on which they can contact anytime for any issues related to the vacation home. However, there may be very few rental homes that don’t provide such assistance. This has to be checked before booking.

Myth 3: Vacation Rentals Cannot Be Easily Found

This might have been true some years back, but not anymore. With the introduction and quick expansion of property listing websites in India to find accommodation for travellers finding a vacation home has never been easier. It’s easy to find vacation rentals on such sites and compare them, while it’s easy to contact the owners too with the contact details provided. With a simple email or call, you can get in touch with the owner and talk about the terms of the agreement.

Myth 4: They Are Not Well Maintained

Usually, vacation accommodations are second homes for tourists to enjoy. So, they are mostly maintained better than hotels. The landlords invest significantly to keep the property pristine and clean to give that homely feel. In fact, they offer cleaning services before, after and during your stay to maintain the home in top shape.

Hope this article helped you bust your misconceptions about vacation rentals so that you can make a better decision during your next trip to India.