Top 5 Places To Have Your Honeymoon

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The honeymoon is your relaxation period after the stress of wedding planning and will provide an auspicious start to the rest of your life. If you need some ideas on where to take your first vacation as a married couple, here are five ideas.

The Maldives

There is no location is is as exclusive or as beautiful for tourists as the Maldives. Here, there are plenty of high class resorts where you can spend your time sitting around near the clear blue water. While in the Maldives, you will have plenty of alone time to reflect on your future together and plenty of time to just enjoy being in the company of one another. If exclusive is what you are looking for, save up for a Maldives honeymoon vacation.

Top 5 Places To Have Your Honeymoon

Monte Carlo, Monaco

After you have looked at kent wedding venues listings to plan where you want to have your ceremony and reception, you should also look at places to have a good honeymoon. If fast action and fast pace entertainment is something that you and your spouse enjoy, take a trip to Monte Carlo. Located in Monaco, this is a millionaire’s playground. There is plenty of fun for those who are vacation here, both at the sea, at the clubs, and in a number of different casinos. Try your luck in Monte Carlo, but definitely enjoy your new love.

Paris, France

Paris has always been for lovers. If you have never been to France before, take a trip to Paris for your honeymoon. Stop at the love lock bridge to add your own lock, then have fun exploring this world famous city. In Paris, you will also be in a prime location to roam around other European countries, which will make it easier for you to hop on a plane or train and explore another country.

Big Island, Hawaii

Far away from the fast paced, big city feel of Honolulu, the Big Island is a laid back place to visit for a honeymoon. Here you will find many plantations that will provide beautiful bed and breakfast hotels with plenty of space for you to roam around. On the big island, you will also have plenty of fun laying on the beautiful beaches and exploring the coffee and pineapple fields. The big island also has nice restaurants where you can enjoy Hawaiian fare without large crowds.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Known for its quick wedding chapels, Las Vegas, Nevada is also known as an excellent place to vacation, including for honeymoons. If you are on a limited vacation budget, there are plenty of lower cost hotels and low cost entertainment in Las Vegas. If you want a city where everything under the sun is available on just a few streets, Las Vegas is the place you want to go. Remember to book your hotel in advance to get an excellent hotel deal and some possible casino bonuses, as well. Vegas is great for those who want to get away with a lower budget but have access to plenty to do.