Top Tips To Stay Healthy Whilst Working From Home

Top Tips To Stay Healthy Whilst Working From Home

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We’re currently in unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re having to drastically change our lifestyles to ensure we can stop the spread of the virus. This includes changing how we work too. Businesses are having to adapt to workers being unable to commute to their workplace and draw back on particular processes that can be considered risky.

Luckily, some of us have the privilege of working from home which means longer lie-ins, saving money on lunch and reducing the risk of missed trains. But, do we get into the bad habit of becoming too comfortable at home? Does it easily affect our health? Potentially. Now we may crave a snack a little too often, exercise less and generally binge in front of Netflix.

If you find you’re getting into these naughty habits, here are some top tips to keep healthy whilst you work from home.

Create a designated work area

With a messy work area comes a messy mind, but when you’re working from home you need to be as productive as possible. This is why when you choose your designated work area, ensure that you consider location, lighting, noise level and any other distractions that you may come across.

Purchase a comfortable chair and an area that allows you to have access to all your important stationary and tools. Even adding some desk plants can help you feel a little more engaged with your work and ensure you work at full productivity levels.

Prepare your snacks and meals

To avoid getting into the bad habit of sneaking into the snack drawer, try to prepare your meals beforehand. This means you can look ahead to healthy meals and stay focused and energised from nutritional meals that you’re eating daily. 

When it comes to lunchtime, it makes it much easier to reach for the lunch you’ve prepped all night long the day before. Some examples of good nutritional snacks include fruit, snacks, plain yoghurt and hard-boiled eggs.

Don’t forget your workouts

It’s likely that before the lockdown occurred, many of us were motivated to go to the gym and incorporate our daily exercise in our routine. Now that gyms are closed and we’re more restricted with our outdoor activities, you have to think of alternative ways to workout.

There are many home body workout routines available online which you can easily do in between work. Some can even only last 10 minutes, but give you a real workout. Whether it’s during your lunchtime, in your 15-minute break or before and after work, ensure you get in your regular exercise to prevent yourself getting into a real slump.

Keep hydrated

Dehydration is a common cause of fatigue and headaches during the day. Make the effort to keep hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water. It’s recommended that you drink around half your body weight daily. This can help to increase alertness and productivity which will be perfect for your working day.

Final thoughts

Don’t let the comfort of your own home affect your productivity and health. Whether you’re a contentious probate solicitor, a marketeer or web designer, these tips can be relevant to practically any professional that has the ability to work from home.