Traveling Lonely Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

Traveling Lonely Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

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If you’ve never been traveling lonely, you might believe that is boring. Not at all, here are few of my tips & experience of travelling lonely. 1st of all though I would wish you to consider why somebody would be traveling single.

The Advantages of Traveling Lonely:

I’ve traveled all over of globe from a couple of days to months in a row. I’ve traveled with others and I’ve been travel alone. I like both, and don’t mind having a travel companion at all. It’s excited. However, there’re many advantages of traveling alone:

1- When you’re travelling lonely you don’t depend on somebody else’s availability. If you go on a trip for a week you’ll possibly find one of your friends willing to join & being capable to take off. But if you wish to trek via Asia or southern America for 3 months, or even years, how many people do you understand that have the money and the time to do that? I do not and since I don’t wish to depend on that I am traveling alone. If friends need to join for part of the trip, they’re more than welcome of course.

2- Traveling alone is the ultimate self indulgent. You can go anywhere you want and can decide on your own whatever you wish to do whenever you need to do it without having to worry about somebody else. Sounds selfish? It is, but so be it.

3- You meet more people when you’re traveling single. How is that? Well, it’s simple and extremely comfortable to just stick to your friend & hang-out with him or her. There’s no true need to meet other people since you already have your friend. When you’re traveling alone you better begin walking to other people though. Also other who traveling alone is less likely to walk-up to pair or groups since they’re more closed off. Don’t trust me? Try it in your local-bar.

Isn’t Traveling Single Boring?

Traveling single does not mean that you’re alone. Read the 3rd benefit above them: you meet more people when you’re travelling alone. As a matter of fact in complete those years that I’ve been taking traveling alone, I had a travel companion almost complete the time. How did that work? Take my tour from Europe to India over hand. I begun of traveling lonely, but in Russia, I travelled for ten days with some local people I met, on the train. In Tibet I traveled with a American girl and Japanese guy, in Pakistan I traveled with an Nepali guy for 2 weeks and ran into few people I met in Tibet again.

Is traveling single boring? Not at all! And the fine thing is, even though those people turn into my friends, I did not have to travel with then anymore if did not need to. I could only go when they turned right: advantage number 2: traveling alone is ultimate self indulgent.

Tips for traveling lonely:

  • Stay in hostels, try couches urging
  • Go-out to bars/clubs
  • Get off the beaten path to meet local people
  • Most important: be open minded. This applies to traveling alone as-well-as with others of course.