Triad – The Music

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Setting the scene isn’t an easy task. Music is one of the key factors into setting the essence of any movie, video game or anything you see on a screen. How do you set the scene for a man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and was locked up for a crime he genuinely believes he didn’t commit? By having a very unique electric sound to create tension while also bringing in familiar sounds such as orchestra and piano to balance the unstable air.

Such musical variations aren’t typically seen in short films, usually settling on one or two themes and very rarely, a third. Directed by Ryan Cosgrove, Triad is sure to take its viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Ben Li broke through barriers musically in the short film genre with his composition that ultimately helped to secure the win of the 2014 Indie Gathering: Best Short Film Genre. There are scenes that require the audience to react a certain way and the best way is to set an eerie tone that will send shivers up the viewer’s spine. The creators had to come up with music that suited each personality and accommodate every flashback.