Magic Of Ed Sheeran At Hong Kong

Magic Of Ed Sheeran At Hong Kong

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There is enough talent on the music ground that can rock our senses anytime. But, we always keep moving to one of the latest talent in the music arena, the cutest and most adorable, Ed Sheeran. He is a genius in what he does. A complete magician and if you want to watch his latest offering than buy a ticket of his next performance in Hong Kong from here.

Ed Sheeran came to the media attention with the release of his first album, the X, popularly known as the Multiply. The album two songs, “the A Team” and “Lego House” made news all around the world. They brought the meaning and essence of his work and the meaning that he brings to people’s life. Ed Sheeran is also an amazing thinker.

His career beginnings were full of struggle. At first, he started out by releasing his first independent EP. His first EP was known as The Orange Room EP.  Later in 2008 he moved to London and started to earn in small amounts. He also broke the record of 200 gigs per year by Morrison by doing 312 gigs in 2009. The journey didn’t stop there and he continued to release more EP. The Loose Change EP is the one that is responsible for his success, as it was also featured in the debut album, “The A team”.

Magic Of Ed Sheeran At Hong Kong

Ed Sheeran tasted the international success in 2011-2013. He topped the UK single chart with the “A Team” album which sold a staggering 58,000 copies in the first week. The album ended the list with 801,000 copies and at rank 8. The album was also well acknowledged in other countries such as Australia, Ireland, Japan and many more.

The 2nd single that made the news is one of my favorite songs, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”, followed by his third single hit, “The Lego House”.

His lyrics like “Worst things come free to us”, can clearly provide you the talent he carries. He is humble and down to earth nature, and women love him like madness. And, I am not surprised at what he has managed to gain so much success in such less time.

All of the above proves that he is a great singer and songwriter. Not much can be questioned about the greatness of Ed Sheeran. He was in songwriting and singing from a very tender age and this could have been the reason behind his success. Only his brother was fond of music is a classic composer. He is also a music post-graduate.

Ed Sheeran is the star of the future, and we have a lot of expectation on him. Do not prove us wrong, Ed Sheeran!