Understanding China's Millennials: The Rise Of Digital Native Consumption

Understanding China’s Millennials: The Rise Of Digital Native Consumption

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There are approximately 200 million Chinese children aged 15 to 24, the population is 15%. As computerized locals, who were pregnant after 1990 and after 2000, they have grown up with the web and prepare remarkable shopping on the web.

Quest MOMOBO, a Chinese Information Investigation firm gave a brief overview of the growing energy of more than 00 years in China (in China), in which those people were mentioned in the 2000s. They are 10 and 17 years old. The basic group of those youths to make bundles for school must be more than the opening of potential business to take retailers to the young Chinese account. Here are some features.

There are more than 1 billion cell phones in China, and 8.1% of those at 00, which means about 85 million gadgets are being used by these teens and teens. The total population of 7.5 percent was represented in the year of the year 10-17, in March 2016 and step by step by June 2017 to 8.1%.

This way, while spending on mobile, their opportunity is not more than three hours a month, because homework is still a big part of their opportunity.

As far as business entails market rates, applications, video burning, and music supply applications are widely recognized on the young clients’ telephone. In addition, it is important that applications for K-12 guidelines (through 12-year review by Kindergarten, the last year of secondary school), gaming, and camera applications are the main mainstream among teenagers. Are there

Most portable energy is determined to inform applications for more than 0000, hourly 61.3 hours per hour, usually about 1.6 times wowyar.

Chinese youths receive a 19.7 percent admission rate for eliminating diarrhea with 24-minute daily training applications, adolescent support-assisted zoning (truth work, “homework is enabled”). Zioyunsite, actually “little guerrillas hunting at exams”), another excellent K-12 application, came with the second part in advertising with a 10.3 percent infection rate.

We look for applications that help with select the wizards of their school, for example, EWT360. The fact is that this application has come only in a soluble graph available only ten o’clock, perhaps it will be the most known and useful when it is planning youngsters to conduct a Chinese school deployment test.

Young people need a portable person for personal communication. The information shows that almost 140 times every day opens these applications on Friday, with which approximately 140 minutes are used for each day.

The best three long-range mutual communication applications all have more than half infection rates, with which the WeChat diagrams end up with 81.5%, trapped by QQ and Weibo.

It is imperative that apps for encouraging famous people are things that are after young Chinese. Symbol interfere with an event account that gives news, recording and live supply of icons exercises, its TGI (target group index) youth has overcome where there are over 400 routines.

While a bachelor living in the three-phase stages of Eczie, Tensen, and recording for you, recording each other’s home (A Asia, Fine and Entertainment-oriented sub-continent in Asia), a 16.1% See the infection rate. Chinese youth is encouraged for bubbles, most commonly known as “B Station” (Chinese B ), it shows that organizations include

Likewise, more than 0000 shows their feelings for short recording, the best is 10 for the infection rate with the divine, measuring, and obesity. It is getting your attention to the custom and distributed substance.

Apart from more than 0000, after 95 (1995) there is another gathering that can get the total amount of revenue. China Tech Invoice (CIT) with Penguin Intelligence, supported by Jensen, long ago, a buyer gave details about more than 95 post-photographs.

It suggests that young colleagues, who are around 18 and 22 years of age, will turn into remarkable use control in five to 10 years when they enter activity promotion.

In contact with the previous age, more than 95 years of prosperity was brought in. From 1995 to 1999, when post-95 was posted, the percentage of optional cash flows in the country is more than 5,000 RMB, which has more than 80 messages and twice the rate of the economy than twice.


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