Pet bottle Laser printing machines

Using Laser Printing Machine to Make Pet Bottles More Elegant

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Polyethylene terephthalate bottles generally familiar as PET bottles are among the most convenient containers to reserve liquid materials and their utilization is gradually increasing. In the quest to make these containers more elegant laser printing machines have been immensely utilized. it not only made the bottles more fascinating but also empowered to make them customize following diverse personal taste or to add requisite information on the bottle.


This marking process is virtually applicable to all types of substances such as pet bottles and induces a change in color without any kind of surface modification to the material.

  • The laser has oscillated in fiber optical wave, dissipation rate is low, stable enough and devoid of effects by mechanical looseness external dust gas. Besides, the output of laser beams is stable.
  • Smaller in size and of integrated design consisting of the whole cabinet as well as portable optional.
  • They offer permanent, abrasion-resistant and non-contrast laser marking on the plastic surface light-weighed.
  • Made up, of complete Aluminium structure making it functioning for a long time.
  • Faster than traditional process and can mark any kind of fonts and images without altering any punch, dye or stencil.
  • The QR code, bar code, text rules, graphics, etc are printed on the surface.
  • Linux based operating system with water cooling system and is compatible with AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP software, CORELDRAW, etc.


This process is immensely flexible as compared to other marking processes and beneficiary to manufacturers in many ways mentioned along. Pet bottle Laser printing machine is beneficial to companies that made it preferred one.

  • It requires less or none maintenance and able to continue for long period.
  • Processing speed is significantly faster than conventional marking machines.
  • They are clean and safe; resistant to water, chemical, oil and so on.
  • It can be operated remotely.
  • accuracy level is proportionally higher than other conventional techniques and thus are deemed as quality marking standard worldwide.
  • Reduce production cost and time at a significant level by shedding off tool cost, labor cost, and consumable cost.
  • one of the most significant advantages of them is their ability to become automated as well as integrate with the online process.

Several companies are extant in the market that provide top-notch Pet bottle Laser printing machines. Their experts have adopted the most advanced laser technology and has an ad designed THU series UV fly laser printer with a printer that is probably the most advanced application based on plastic. The engineers provide printers with a well-integrated and compact design that suits rapidly as well as durable printing on pet bottles. Smarted and simpler operating method requires lesser knowledge and expertise for workers to operate these machines. Additionally, the printers come at low prices making it accessible to smaller organizations. Any kind of query related to the product are dealt with responsibility by the experts.