Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

4 mins read

Valentine’s Day is all about appreciating and celebrating your love. It becomes more special when you are in a relationship. When love day is right around the corner, you must be thinking of celebrating it with your partner. It is the day when you do not want to miss the special occasion by being with your loved ones. When you are physically apart, it may seem like you cannot enjoy the holiday, but there is always another option available to celebrate with your love because you are just physically not together, but emotionally you are attached to your lover.

There are many couples who are living in a long distance relationship and want to celebrate this love day with their loved ones. So, here are few ideas by which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day by sitting away from each other.

1. Send each other romantic presents

Keep in mind that your gift might take some time, so send it in advance so that it gets delivered at the time of Valentine’s Day. Everyone expects something unique for Valentine’s Day to make the day memorable and special, and nothing can be unique except a beautiful bouquet of flowers with sweet fragrance along with a delicious cake because a cake is the part of every celebration whether it is birthday cake on birthday, anniversary cake on anniversary or any other celebration and also it makes the occasion more special with its sweetness. Therefore celebrate Valentine’s Day with cake delivery in bangalore and enjoy the day to the fullest.

2. Call to say I LOVE YOU

It is sure that you call your partner every day, but to call especially just to say “I LOVE YOU” when the clock strikes 12 will melt their heart and make them feels good for the whole day. Just a special call can fail all the romantic actions or expensive gifts. The phone call can make them feel loved and special.

3. Send a video note

You can create a video clip of yourself expressing your love and emotions for your special someone in it and telling them that how special they are for you. That video will make them feel happy for the entire day and they will remember it for their entire life.

4. Have a Skype date

It is really a lifesaver when you are in a long distance relationship with someone. You can date each other via Skype or have a romantic dinner with each other. Talk with each other for hours and it will make you feel like you are sitting together on a couch and having a conversation with each other.

5. End the night talking

At the end of the day, talk with each other about the entire day that you spent or talk about your lives, or talk about anything. After all long distance survives just with the help of good communication.

As there are plenty of ideas by which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones by physically being apart from each other. You can also think of variations of above ideas too.