Ways To Have Warmth In Your Place Throughout Ducted Heating

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Ducted heating is an excellent way of providing you warmth and comfort in the cold months. It consists of a unit connected to outlets, which are strategically positioned in your home, and these outlets or ducts are placed in the ceiling or the floor. The positions of these outlets largely depend on the structure of your home. They are placed on the roof if the house is built on a slab of concrete. If the roof-line is very low or if there is space underneath, these outlets can be placed under the floor or outside. The duct work that connects the heating units to the outlets is concealed in a neat way.

Ways To Have Warmth In Your Place Throughout Ducted Heating

With the ever changing climate, the winters seem to get colder and having a durable and reliable heating system is no longer treated merely as a ‘luxury’. It has become, in all ways, a necessity. The ducted heating systems are able to provide warmth to the required amount and make you feel cozy in the long cold winter months, thus making the home your ‘comfort zone’. 


The few benefits which are listed below will convince you to opt for ducted gas heating. 


The costs of electricity seem to be rising at an unimaginable rate and gas definitely works out as a cheaper and more sensible option. Saving money is becoming a priority with most people these days and this is definitely a wise and sensible way of getting your house to comfortable temperatures in a cost-effective manner. 

Environment Friendly

This method of ducted heating produces lesser gas emissions and helps in putting less pressure on the already badly affected environment. 

Constant Warmth

Reverse cycle systems seem to lose their efficiency normally.  But with these ducted heating systems, there is a comfort of constant warmth and ease, however cold it might get outside,. 

No Dryness

While providing the required warmth, these do not make you uncomfortable due to dryness. Normally, dryness can be the cause of many allergies and ailments. 


You are able to control the temperatures, making it warmer or colder, depending on your requirement and the outside temperatures. 

Whole Home

The heat emitted by these ducted heating systems uniformly warms the house, and not in bits and parts, where one part of the home is warm and another is uncomfortably cold. 

Working of this Method

This system includes components like:

1. The heater
2. Insulated ducts carrying air to and from the heater
3. Vents spreading air into rooms and back to the heater
4. A thermostat

These heaters work by passing air which is cold over a heat exchanger which, in turn is warmed by the combustion of gas. The air that is warmed is pushed through ducts via a series of vents into the home. The living area is installed with a thermostat, which, after sensing the temperature in the house is able to send signals to the heater to either cycle off or on and thus maintain the desired temperature. The combustion products are discharged safely out of the house via a flue. 


With the controller, you have the options of regulating temperatures in your home within four temperature zones. You can also turn the zones off-on automatically up to around four times a day.

You also have the home/away button which can temporarily override the standard settings on the days you are at home instead of work. This assists in changing the normal settings and leaves it up to you to switch the heating on or off earlier or later as required by you. This is easy to do with just pressing the button once.

Safety and silence are the most important features of the ducted heating system, since it works in a quiet and efficient manner providing the comfort of warmth in your home in winters.

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