Ways to Make Your Brand Memorable both Online and Offline

6 mins read

Brand loyalty is cheaper than searching for new customers, and technology has created a new need for generating brand experiences. Today’s customers are much more attentive to a brand hence they’re pushing this growing trend of brand investment and experience.

Creating a strong brand, both online and offline, has become essential in this fast-paced society and companies of all sizes should never forego brand investment. If you’re not fully convinced about brand investment, it’s worth considering that nearly 50% of consumers would consider greater brand loyalty during their first purchase.

With tough business competition, consideration over brand loyalty can boost sales while leveraging business profitability. You don’t need to directly aim for premier branding giants such as Apple or Nike to create a memorable brand. There are various ways you can try to achieve a memorable brand which you can start with.

Add a Human Touch

Treating customers on a personal level can elevate your brand’s top-of-mind awareness status. After all, customers are more receptive when they’re treated as individuals by a brand which demonstrates the need to prioritise brand experience.

In an online and offline setting, people will remember brands that remember them back. We’ve seen brands like Wendy’s and Starbucks forge this marketing path by responding to online and offline users using their names and by not generating an automated response.

A human touch goes further by including personalisation of the brand which includes stories of the owners, staff as well as the company’s background story. Sharing these stories or of those who are part of the business caters to the relatability factor that is often missing between companies and their consumers.

Sharing a human side of your business fosters a connection with consumers which in turn cultivates trust since they know the faces of those in charge and the company’s values.

Focus on Customer Engagement

Focusing on how you engage with your customers, both offline and online, can influence just how well your brand is remembered. However, nothing is as impactful on memorable branding quite like a business that leaves a lasting impression on customers. There are many companies that offer customer loyalty programmes which create harmonisation between exemplary customer service and returning customers.

Furthermore, with the presence of social media comes the emergence of a swift ripple effect over one bad review which can easily tarnish your brand reputation overnight. As such, it’s important for brands to implement a standard when it comes to responding to positive and negative reviews. Customers are at the heart of every business thus it’s no wonder that focusing on engaging with them has become increasingly paramount.

Hire an Influencer

We know that not every brand has the privilege of massive capital, but for those that have been blessed with such luxuries, hiring an influencer or a famous individual can be a boon for your brand online and offline. We’ve seen this brand magic happen with Victoria’s Secret (VS) and their former supermodels, Adriana Lima and Gisele Bündchen, whom the general public largely associates with the VS brand even after their departure.

To get it right when it comes to partnerships with influencers, your brand must consider several points for the would-be ambassador such as having a similar target base, public image, and can help you to expand your brand’s market reach. In more recent times, we’ve seen companies like Apple and Keds partner up with Taylor Swift who has made her own mark in brand management and public relations. An effective influencer partnership will give you the brand exposure you need, sales prospects, and is mutually beneficial.

Create Offline Marketing Materials Worth Remembering

With so much emphasis on social media and online platforms, it may be hard to believe that creating a memorable brand can start from creating offline marketing tools. As competitive as online marketing has become, you shouldn’t abandon traditional marketing strategies such as creating banners or banner advertisements.

To be more practical with your brand management budget, opt for general collaterals like banners, which can be used during any occasion be it a trade show, press conference or gala dinner. The biggest brands today also take a similar approach by featuring their brand logo in front of boldly created designs.

You can even go as far as combining technology in your banner advertisements by utilising animation and augmented reality which Burger King had done earlier in 2019. These types of banner advertisements are illustrative of the cross between offline and online branding that’s set to further evolve in the years to come.

Bottom line is to never skimp out on creating a design to remember. After all, this is the social media era hence you can garner free publicity if you can create an event banner that’s memorable enough for the crowd.