What To Do – And What NOT To Do – At Your Upcoming High School Reunion

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Summer is class reunion season, and there’s a decent chance there’s a high school reunion from your alma mater scheduled sometime in the next month! For some, high school reunions are the source of anxiety and worry. For the vast majority, though, people who attend a high school reunion report that they are glad they overcame their apprehensions and that the event was incredibly worthwhile and memorable. Research indicates that folks who attend one of their first class reunions are likely to return to subsequent events as they come up throughout the years and decades.

If you have a high school reunion scheduled this summer or in the coming years, my first piece of advice is: GO! You’ll have a great time. My second bit of advice is to heed the wisdom contained in the following infographic, created in partnership with class reunion planning experts AlumniClass.com and ApparelNow, a Northwest based company that specializes in helping groups create their own online stores full of custom-printed apparel.

Class Reunion Infographic

Check out the original here! And enjoy your class reunion!

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