What Trekking Holidays Are Available That Are Challenging

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If you are looking for a holiday that offers adventure, beautiful scenery, experience with different cultures, and just plain fun you might be interested in a trekking holiday.  These holidays are becoming more popular every year as people are finding out that it is not necessary to be in the perfect body shape to attend these trips.

However there are the people that are in great shape who have been on trekking excursions that were easy and wish to do a more challenging trekking holiday.  There are many trips available that offer climbing and schedules that will give you a good challenge no matter how physically fit you are.

Island Peak, Nepal

You will find that Nepal has many different options when researching challenging trekking holidays.  One of these is to the Island Peak.  This is not the highest mountain to trek up but it is one of the most challenging.  This holiday will take four days to travel to the top of which is 6,189, high.  You will be involved in rock scrambling, roped glacier travel, experience the alpine elements while climbing ice and snow walls while attached to a fixed rope.  This is definitely not a trek for the beginner.

What Trekking Holidays Are Available That Are Challenging

Mera Peak, Nepal

If you decide to go trekking in Mera Peak, Nepal you will need to plan about nine days.  This is not a difficult trek but is very high measuring in at 6,476m.  It can be a demanding trek up the mountain.  It is definitely not one for the faint of heart.

If it is decided that this holiday is for you it will not disappoint you.  The scenery is absolutely amazing.  You will trek through the forest of Hinku Valley and past the glaciers and other mountains.  This is a trek that you will not be disappointed in.

Mont Blanc Summit, Switzerland

Another popular trek that offers the same type of challenge is to Mont Blanc Summit in Switzerland.  This is the highest mountain located in Western Europe measuring at 4810m.  This is a trek that should only take two or three days to complete but it is an adventure holiday that is difficult to even the most experienced trekkers.

Stok Kangri

If you are looking for a short holiday adventure you should look into the climb of Stok Kangri.  This is only a few day trek but during those few days you will find yourself lost in the alpine elements for steep glaciers, ice axes, and crampons.  You will also find that the views of the Greater Himalaya are more than you could ask for.


Trekking holidays are very enjoyable.  If you are interested in experiencing a holiday such as this you should do much research and not just jump right in.  You should start off with an easier trek that is for the less experienced so that you will know how much you can handle before setting out to the more difficult treks.  Once you have taken a trekking holiday you will not want to holiday anywhere else.