What's Hot In Interior Design

What’s Hot In Interior Design

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The hottest interior design is (and always will be) the design that excites you. And since people are different, the design will be too! What appeals to one person will cause another to scream and run.

For this piece, we’re talking about interior design trends that tons of people are loving right now. We’re looking at things in aggregate. Sure, there will always be those one-off’s that want to chart their own course. And that’s fine! To each his own, right?

Here are some interior design trends that are totally hot right now.

Moving Modern

Modern means different things to different people. Back in the 1950’s… we all know what mid-century modern turned out to be. Simplified, clean, simple, with not a lot of embellishment. In the 1980’s modern meant something else entirely.

Today, modern still means “less is more” but it’s really not pushing the envelope in a space-age, George Jetson kind of way. One of today’s hot interior design trends is basic, but high-quality furniture that meshes well with decor on the opposite end of the spectrum. Think IKEA but well-made.

What's Hot In Interior Design

Serene Color Schemes

Today’s colors of choice are calming blues and greens. Life is hectic enough as it is. We want our homes to be retreats—places where we run for escape.

Yes, there are some high-contrast interior designs that some are targeting but the bigger trend is toward serene color schemes that exude a feeling of peace. True real estate professionals understand the value here.

Quartz Is King

For years, granite was king. And it’s still not out of the picture. But what’s hot in interior design right now is quartz countertops. Quartz requires almost no maintenance, it’s super durable and comes in a bazillion colors.

Sure, it presents a less organic vibe but that’s what today’s renovators are choosing. Next time you’re at the home supply shop, check out what’s currently available in quartz.

Fun & Festive Patterns

What's Hot In Interior Design

Some are hand-made but even those that aren’t are currently available in a gigantic number of design styles.

Some will say that those cool, concrete tiles that hit the scene a couple of years ago are out. Not so fast

People who say that are likely those designers who are simply bored with patterned tiles.There’s really no reason to be because the public still loves them and there are so many choices! I’ll go on record saying, “Concrete tiles are good for another few years at least.”

Of course, you can use these in your kitchens on the floor or backsplash. Obviously, you could also work them into your bath renovation as well. But don’t forget about using them outside of your home as well. Just imagine them down on your back patio for some festive splash of color!

High Contrast In Low Doses

Interior designs that have little contrast inevitably fall flat. Contrast in both color and material is a marvelous tool in the interior designer’s toolbox.  

The key in today’s best designs is using it sparingly. Don’t go overboard. Black and white tile floors used to be hip but today that look is simply too loud.  Pick and choose where to utilize your contrast and your friends will think you hired a designer.