When Pearls Meet Perfection: Hanadama Pearls

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We all know that pearls are one of the most precious pieces of jewelry you could ever dream of. They are defined by grandeur, luxury, splendor and magnificence and are the ultimate statement of finesse. Even though precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are highly praised on the jewelry market, there really is no other gem out there that can compare to the natural refinement of pearls. There are many types of delicate pearls available for purchase, on online shops, but there is a specific type that stands out among freshwater and Akoya pearls. We are talking about the poised, prestigious and simply perfect Hanadama pearls. These rare and unique pieces are premium Japanese Akoya pearls that literally are immaculate, as you will soon find out. Their stunning characteristics, professional certification and inestimable value make them some of the most desired pearls on the jewelry market. Learn more about these fascinating pearls below and see if you would like to purchase a piece of jewelry. You can even save some money buying it online.

Meaning and Origins

Hanadama pearls are grown in Japan are represent just 0.1% of all pearl production in this country. The word “Hanadama” is Japanese for “Lotus Pearl” or “Flower Pearl”, owing to their soft overtones that remind us of cherry blossoms. As you can observe, Hanadama pearls are very rare and treasured for this quality.


Hanadama pearls present quite a few qualities that make them as valuable as they are. First of all, their nacre thickness must be at least 0.4 millimeters, after an X-ray inspection is performed. Secondly, the shape of the pearl must be flawlessly round, ranking AAAA. Furthermore, its body must be absolutely clean, with an AAAA cleanliness. Last, but not least, its luster must be one of the most superior in the entire world – AAAA. As you can see, when it comes to pearl grading, Hanadama pieces must be of the highest quality.


These rare gems are manually selected by Japanese Akoya pearl farmers after each and every harvest. All pearls are placed in separate lots to be sold further on, but there is one graded lot that is not sent away first thing. Hanadama pearls are hand picked and separated based on their surface, luster and other characteristics mentioned above.

The Japanese Pearl Science Laboratory

Every single authentic Hanadama pearl is certified by the Japanese Pearl Science Laboratory. If a pearl advertised as being Hanadama does not possess such a certificate, it means that it is not genuine.


Hanadama pearls are some of the most valuable pearls available for purchase. They usually are sold for over $1,000 dollars and can easily reach the tens of thousands. At online shops such as https://www.pearlsonly.com.au/, you can get amazing deals for Hanadama Akoya pearls, at up to 80% off their retail price. Please take note that if you purchase a piece of Hanadama pearl jewelry, you are truly making a wise investment that will be worthwhile.